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This story is a sequel to Harry Potter and the Crystal Empire — Intermission

It was reminiscent of his first years at Hogwarts on Earth. Harry took the train to the Crystal Empire and found himself in his old digs at Hogwarts in short order. But, things are not as they were. Minerva McGonagall has taken control of the school and is shepherding her students into a new life not just as ponies, but after the war against King Sombra's forces, protectors.

The only thing that remains same is there's a great evil threatening the peace of Hogwarts, the Crystal Empire, and the ponies, wizards, and witches that live within.

Art commissioned from the amazing Dilarus.

See This Blog for licensing.

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I am very happy to see this starting up again. And kudos; I don't think I've otherwise seen any friction being written between Fred and George!

There were some that slept only fitfully and in carefully.

:rainbowhuh: Wut?

Also, I wish to nominate Bess for Best Familiar. She's adorable.

11174659 Huh, I must have had a brain-fart moment there. Fixed now. And, yes, Bess is best familiar.

Nice! Good to see this story continuing. Enjoying it so far.

This is a good start and Draco is right to avoid the other Slytherins since they will use Draco's situation against him. I wonder what was blocking Luna's access to the stallion's dream.

Your updates make me late for work. Looks good so far. The Intermission chapters set up a lot of ground work for this school year's story. I love how you flipped the ponies-go-to-Hogwarts trope and made Hogwarts come to ponies. Can't wait to see where you go from here.

Have Fred and George been introduced to certain Muggle offerings yet, like the complete Wizards Of The Coast collection?:trixieshiftright:

Draco has got one hay of a dedicated offering there. Just how much an upgrade has Hogwarts aquired, achieved?

this sequel is starting out really really good.

"Something foul is ahoof in Equestria."

yeppers it sure is and it is going to be nasty.
i will be watching vary close for updates


Glad to see this come back. :yay:

i am getting a feeling that this hole story is going to be vary heave in information, if this chapter is any clue.
and i am loving it.

Sneaky double update! Did I forget something from the last 2 books, or is Dumbledore's absence from the teaching on purpose? I know he's not Headmaster. I thought he would be Transfiguration teacher if not head of house while McGonagall runs the school.

11175783 In the Intermission he stepped back from the school to take on the Ministry's idiocy.

Maybe draco should learn him some snake language. I forget if that's something that can happen in your story, but he should do it anyway, because I'm feelin a lil bit sassy.

This is an interesting chapter with the new curriculum being introduced which has a lot of necessary changes.

Good to hear

Get a two for one scrapping the ally pans. Suprised them being medical even bought them with the suspected links with mental disorders with enough extensive exposure? Same with copper pans. All those in the castle are shiny on the outside, but are coated on the inside, usually with fats, but modern ones are tinned. Coppe is toxic to not just aquatic organisms, but usually water piped get a nice healthy self sealing coat of mineral deposit inside?

If Equestrian dragons are seized by Ego, just how big would Trixie be?:trixieshiftright:

I still think Equestrian dragons dont use normal chemical reactions for energy, no matter a good match for their physical build is complex polymers of metalic carbonyls, given strengths, heat tolerance, mineral resources etc? And like Parrot fish, basalt and similar gets eaten, and various compounds are either degassed, or the bulk magic stripped leftovers are deposited as high grade pure quartz sand?

Still wondering, if you have multiple reactions of matterials, that loop back to reuse unreacted compounds, can a dragon generate venom spray jets of pure molten aluminium just from their internal heat? How rich would such a dragon be capable of getting?:rainbowwild:

starts hyperventilating Three updates in two days!

"We all will. At least we can duplicate it." George paused a moment after he said it, then turned to see Fred was staring at him with the same, knowing grin. "There's out big grift for the year. We need to find all the gaffer tape, replace it with Geminied tape, and then sell our own Gemini tape—made to last a day at most—of course."

"Of course." Fred felt a rush of excitement—the same he always felt when they'd put together a plan to make a pile of coin. Of course, most of the time their plans fizzled partway through, but it wasn't about the destination, it was the mischief they made along the way.

I fear for the stability of this world if Fred and George ever meet Flim and Flam. Great things will happen.


Three updates in two days!

I'd built a small buffer to try to keep the fic in the feature box for a few days. Last I saw it was still hovering in the sandbox (SFW box).

Saw it pop up in the main feature box after last update. Never learned how the feature actually works.

11176518 The top 7 slots are governed by a score that takes into account views/votes/length divided by the time since the story was published. The bottom 3 have the time stat changed to time since last chapter was published.

Update chapters don't register (and cause people to get spammed) until 24hrs after initial publish of the story or 12 hours since the previous chapter was published (whichever is longer). That's why it was 24.5 hours after first publish to get second chapter out, but only around 18 hours for third. Adding more chapters can boost the views and length stats of a story and keep it in the top 7 slots of a feature box longer than it would otherwise manage. My personal record is 7 straight days in the top slot of a feature box. :twilightsmile:

Thank you very much for another chapter! :yay:

And now... The nit-pickery. :twilightblush:

I fell onto the bench in the great hall, not quite panting, but also lacking enough energy to get angry and just burn the whole castle down. ... After his two years at Hogwarts, he was finally well-known for who he was and not something his parents had done.

The professors had all been waiting in their various rooms, and as he led around a third group of ten students, one had asked Professor Sparks what her class on offensive magic was going to be about.

"Fire," I said, tasting the word and feeling excitement start to push back at the lethargy of the day. It also served as a wake-up call to another of my hungers. First I set my glasses down, then jumped to my hooves, looked around to get my bearings, and slipped under the table then over a row of benches to get into the fireplace.

Shifted back and forth between first- and third-personj.

A rush of students that seemed to fill the great hall poured in, only to filter out as the new ones, few though they were, crowded to the front and the older students at the benches.

No verb for that last clause. Perhaps "with the older..."

He lifted out a little bottle of oil and a cloth, then set to work polishing the gnarled and irregular wand.

Don't polish your wand at the dinner table, Ron. :moustache:

"Willow is also good for protective magics." Hermione looked far more in her element, what with getting to correct Ron on something.

Do you not like Hermione, Damaged?

"Of course it is. That's why I'm going to focus on brawling and magic spells to help me get close. That way I can just thump a wizard with a brick or something." Reaching into his coat, I saw Ron pull out half a brick and set it on the table.

Ah, yes. The Rincewind Method.

And there was another typo, too, but it hid went I wnet back to look for it. :rainbowdetermined2:

11176529 Ack! A PoV break. Must have been a Tuesday—I never have gotten the hang of Tuesdays.

The brick... was a reference to another Harry Potter (not an MLP one) fic. It was one of only two fanfics I'd read of Harry Potter before starting to write this. It was a little shout-out: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7512124/1/Lessons-With-Hagrid

I bet if doomguy was in your pony world, he'd be a kirin. Also, something something, heavy metal heart song.

Rake owns walking, talking giant diamonds which also give her massages. Living the best dragon life right there! :rainbowlaugh:

Another interesting chapter. I wonder how the Sorting Hat is going to sort the pony students since they are from a very different culture. I doubt the pony students will all end up in the same house.

Wonder if Equestrian teeth continue to grow through life like horse teeth do. (People teeth grow out and then stop, which Equestrians must think is rather odd) It would make dentistry a bit different there.

11177051 "Have you brushed and filed, dear?"

"Yes, Mom..."

heh, small note about maritime law that i think might apply to airships as well, when a ship is underway, her skipper has more absolute authority than any king...

So many fire spells, but magic fire uses magic and not fuel to power it, and thermal fire can be messed with by flowing air and magnets Dont know how strong magical field magnets can get, but a lot of them spread out makes navigating energy based effects through them extremely challenging.

Makes me wonder if Dragons scale resistance is due to Seirpinsky Gasket arrays.

How big an airship would, or do you need to be able to fit enough cumulonimbus lift cloud within to be able to power electroboost cannon or spinal rail accelerator? Or even just a Lightning Gonne?:trixieshiftright:

lol, nice chapter

When all you have is a flamethrower, every problem looks like a thatched roof cottage. :rainbowlaugh:

Ask Rake/Torch how was Rake able to block dreams from luna?

In one episode Applebloom look broke a tooth and Zecora fixed it with a potion that seems to speed up tooth growth so likely yes pony teeth do continuously grow.

11177515 The next chapter is already out. You'll need to ask questions on that.

I'm hoping that Dumbledore will notice Trencent is under Sombra's spell and warn everypony about the danger. I wonder if the Storm King will be looking for other areas now that there is so much resistance in Abyssinia and if he will show up in person at one point.

We're going to be so spoiled by daily chapters once this goes to intermittent updates. Another great chapter getting your world organized.

So... judging by the fact that no one else seems to be commenting on it, I guess that that whole Filch segment is something that was foreshadowed in the previous book and just slipped my mind? Cause that scene came completely out of left field for me. In a good "I want to see where this is going" way, but still.

That is the last of the pre-written chapters. Now you're caught up and ready to relax into a chapter every two-three weeks.

Perhaps harry could get a mouthguard that makes it so things can't burn inside his mouth?

It might be a cooking enchantment, or something, but you just turn it up to 11

Just like, set the maximum temperature to normal body temp, If that's how such a spell might work

Draco is really putting a effort in to trying to make friends and it is paying off.
this story is absolutely amazing.
i for one can and will be watching for chapters, i understand that you have several story's that you are working one and need to spread your time around.

this is a good idea but i have a feeling you don't understand just how hot a nirik burns.
for the most it is just short of melting steel.
a fire proofing charm would be your best bet and i have a feeling a charm like that would muck with the lief.

I came back to this chapter to see if anyone had commented on it yet. I, too, was strongly thrown, and was hoping that some would have addressed the griffin in the room.

So I went back and checked. Filch is not mentioned even once in either of the two stories. This is totally new.

11178273 It is indeed a new side-story going on. I really disliked how Filch was treated in the books/movies. Poor dude was just trying to learn some magic. Anyway, it's good to have some gryffins in the room—they are cute and enjoy head-pats.

I agree he could use a fairer shake, though I hope later sections have a clearer explanation for exactly what's going on. My best guess from what's shown is he used to be the cat and she the magic human, and she was working to increase his intelligence/sapience, but some kind of experiment went wrong and they got species switcherooed. Then Hogwarts got shifted and the curse broke, she's human again and Filch is behaving with some kind of pet-like unconditional affection and deference (or even House Elf -like). She immediately tries to make him into her own version of Spike (based on what she saw as a cat? Not sure if HP has pre-existing lore for "reptilian servants" like she was specifically focusing on) but makes him a gryffin instead, though I thought he was one of those bipedal parrots before the comment said otherwise.

tl'dr: Filch definitely was not a human being to start with and now there's a potent witch with no identification in close proximity to the paranoid collapsing governmental body.

The magic the leaf soaks up in his transformations, and not being destroyed might result in a magical animal form, Instead of a mundane animal. The normal animal seems to be how it's supposed to happen.

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