We are trying to get Hasbro to put Sunset Shimmer in MLP: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC and show Hasbro that there is a lot more potential for her as a character then what Hasbro portrayed of her, both in Equestria Girls and her backstory comic.

Her canon backstory in Equestria girls was interesting sounding, but Hasbro never seemed to go into any depth about it. And the comic focusing on her did not explain much either. It never explained where, how, or why she became antisocial during her time as Celestia's student. It just shows that Celestia showed Sunset the mirror, while seemingly knowing that Sunset was not ready to see it yet, in an attempt to show Sunset the error of her ways. And then that plan ended up backfiring in possibly one of the cruelest ways imaginable.

And then there is the mirror. We still do not know the full details about it. All we know for sure is that it functions as the portal between Equestria and its human counterpart. But why did it seemingly show Sunset a reflection of herself as an alicorn when she first looked at it in her backstory comic? Is there a reason for that?

The point is Sunset Shimmer has a lot more potential as a character, and the least she deserves is a second chance. Like perhaps she could be reformed like Discord, and welcomed back to Equestria and forgiven.

Sunset Shimmer is not evil. She is just misled, misguided, and misunderstood.

Anyone is welcome to join, and ESPECIALLY anyone who agrees with us about Sunset's potential.

Also, to any and all current members of this group, as well as all future ones, PLEASE DO NOT ADD A STORY TO THIS GROUP WITHOUT CONSULTING AN ADMIN FIRST. there is a petition to get her on the show just go to this link if you would like to see her get put on the show
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Sunset shimmer made a camo appearance in the final episode’s song on twilights part

She's not coming back to E. She's made a life for herself in the human world. And abandoning her human friends is against the whole idea of friendship.

Plus MLP is better off without her. Because she's kind of a cappy character.

Plus she's still not canon. Until they actually refer to her, the other world, or the portal, it's not canon.

With how bad the modern writers are, are you SURE you want SS on the show?


will you all please sign my petition

i need your guys help to support shazam jr he is being he is getting hate and pressure thrown at him and he dosint need so if thers anything you can do to suport him do it to the best of your abilitys he needs the help and support

399141 has here at least been any episodes at canterlot high

399109 Unfortunately, no. :fluttershysad:

I don't get it. If they can put Flash Sentry in there, why can't they put Sunset in. Even if its just for a visit to speak with Celestia.

398870 i hope that happens soon i havint seen a single episode of season five so i dont know if its happened yet ... has it

I seriously hope that they'll make an episode where Sunset makes a surprise emergence from the mirror, seeking forgiveness from Princess Celestia. Quite honestly, I think it would be a great way to end Season 5 or even be a way to start off Season 6 if it will be made.

*joins* Lets make it happen people

does anyone have any ideas on how to get sunset shimmer on mlp

Oh and happy thanksgiving everypony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hasbro Came out with a new Mlp moviethat that im thinking might solve our problem with them not letting sunset shimmer in the mood episodes

372025 no you didint bother me

372009 Oh, Sorry if I bothered you during said family matters then.:fluttershysad:

371262 im back sorry family maters

Has anyone seen darksome? I have not heard from him in about a MONTH. :fluttershysad:

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