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Non-Pony Self Promotion and reviews requested · 9:19pm February 13th

The biggest reason why updates to my sole remaining fanfic here come so slowly is that I don't spend a lot of time working on it, and the biggest reason for that is that I actually spend most of my time writing original work, and fanfic has become a bit of a palate cleanser for me in between.

Now, while the Albinocorn told me once that he aspires to a traditional publishing contract, I will confess that I am too vain to submit my work to the judgement of a gatekeeper, still less am I willing to sell the rights to my creations to someone who might decide to bring down the guillotine on them at any time. And so a couple of years ago I joined the tsunami of crud in self-publishing, happily participating in burying the gems of all those worthy authors who toil in obscurity and whose brighter sun my sullen clouds obscure.

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OK, it starts off with each of the mane six in the new equestrian order, each of them unhappy with their current situation, however soon they start to hear voices, each one stating that they need to embrace both their harmonic and disharmonious traits in order to change things for the better... slowly, each one of them starts to awaken their darker half.

Meanwhile, some of their oldest enemies start banding together to dominate Equestria themselves, under one ruler who remains in the shadows...

(Sorry for the wait)

thanks for the fave


Probably not, as I'm giving most of my time and attention to original fiction now, and so I couldn't give your request the care that you would like.

I'm interested in what your idea is, though.

Hey, do you take requests? Or co-write? I have an interesting Starfleet story I've been wanting to try...

Thanks for following me :pinkiehappy:

  • Viewing 50 - 54 of 54
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