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A brief SAPR hiatus · 1:38pm March 12th

Hi everyone. I'm sorry to say that SAPR will be going on a semi-hiatus for the next week. That means that there will be no new rewrite chapter out tomorrow or Monday, possibly not Wednesday either. There will be a future chapter out on Thursday because I don't want to leave you hanging on that cliffhanger.

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Report Scipio Smith · 335 views · Story: SAPR · #hiatus #apology #only for a week
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Hello Scipio, spacebattles is back, so, can we expect two chapters today ?

Don't tell me details, but I am saddened to hear that was changed, was twilight in the project like in the original telling? Cause I feel like she would immediately go to the authorities, specifically ironwood as he knows penny's true identity, about this especially after a whole discussion in the original telling between her and her colleague under pollendina about using a highly illegal machine on Amber to force the maiden powers on Pyrha.

Oh. Yeah, Scipio did add in a recent new chapter how Penny's aura was done. Granted they didn't go into details, but they explained how they did it.

But wasn't it the case of in the original she just had her own soul? Was that changed in this version? I am not caught up on the new version, I am on on the chapter new rivals.

I kind of feel bad because I read the original version of this book and took a 2 year, apparently, break stopping on the chaper 'from ruby to twilight.' Had not really kept up with the book after that and I come back to Scipio completely rewriting the book. I will say I kinda like this version better, and I do like the fact they kept the latter chapters up to read for the old guard like me.

  • Viewing 88 - 92 of 92
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