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On the future of SAPR · 3:03pm April 3rd

So... when I first started rewriting SAPR I told everyone that it would not impede the forward movement of the story. I never kept that promise exactly as I intended it at the time that I made it, but I never exactly broke it either.

Until now.

From now, I am ceasing work on all future chapters of SAPR (well, probably; there are four chapters written which I may put out, I haven't quite decided yet) will cease until the rewrite catches up with them.

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...I think I have found the twist ending in the event that someone actually gets all 4 relics together. Because I could totally see one of the Brothers doing this... partly out of their own amusement, partly out of screwing with Salem.

I cannot help but feel like this would exist in Remnant as a Faunus poem... and possibly one that might be read at Sky's funeral if someone cares to. I suspect Sunset would disagree with parts of it but... some of it I feel might bring her comfort.

Edit: Decided to add this as well.

If only because it helps put Cinder and her world view into perspective a bit, as well as the difference between her and Sunset.

Not only that, but there would likely be the problem of addiction which would likely mess them up.


would cocaine by a legal supplement for huntsmen?

Not in a Teen-rated story.

Just a random topic of discussion in relation to SPRA's Remnant but... would cocaine by a legal supplement for huntsmen? I mean in the sense of WW2 military 'enhancement' where it was used to combat fatigue and stuff like that. Because when it comes to getting an energy boost there are few better... and against an enemy like the Grimm, suddenly feeling like you're invincible and can no longer feel pain would be a hell of a boost.

  • Viewing 93 - 97 of 97
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