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SAPR Rewrite Volume 3 Cover by MRK50 · 5:20pm March 3rd

In another sign of how overly optimistic I once was about how long it would take me to get through this rewrite, back in January 2021 I had a cover for Volume 3 done by MRK50, whose absence from the fandom since then is much lamented. With the new phase of the story due to start on Monday, I can finally share it with you all:

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Oh wow I actually got an answer
Thanks mate

The AO3 version only includes the new or rewritten chapters, while the FimFiction version includes all of the chapters written before the rewrite began and newer chapters written subsequently when I was foolishly attempting to write both the rewrite and new chapters at the same time.

I'd probably recommend the AO3 as there's no chance of you accidentally stumbling across pre-rewrite or unrewritten stuff, but so long as you don't read past any chapter without (New) or (Rewritten) after it you should be okay here too.

I'm not normally one to comment on other's profile pages, this is in fact my first time that I can recall. Apologies if this bothers you, but I just wanted to ask a question on SAPR before I get too far into reading it. Which version is the most updated? Which version would you recommend I read? The archive of our own version has a shorter total word count yet seems to have more recent continuing chapters, while this version has a longer word count yet hasn't been continued as recently outside of new middle chapters and I presume rewrites.

Is there even a difference, does archive just do word counts differently? And of course I'm not asking about which has gotten farther into the story, I'm asking which one I should read.

Thank you in advance, and sorry for the trouble.

Hey, wanted to tell you that I love this story. I really like what you've done with Pyrrha, normally I'm not a fan of her parents( particularly her mom) being strict, controlling jerks, but here it totally works.
Quick thing, not sure if you already know, but we don't get notifications for rewritten chapters. Maybe you could make a quick blogpost when you release those chapters, then you can delete the posts later.

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  • Viewing 102 - 106 of 106
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