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This is madness.
Madness.. no.. THIS IS... ohh wait... yeah this is madness.
Welcome my bright, bountiful, beautiful wanderers of the multiverse! Where everything, every'nothing' every'something, everylittlethying etc. etc. etc. is or isn't or is (kind of)!
This group is dedicated to your safe and productive navigation of the multiverse! Many a pony loving person and tentacled space alien have been driven to madness by such a journey. Some have even been driven to sanity!

As such we will work together to keep you sane, or insane, as you make your way from reality to reality! We will soon have help groups and charts and such. For right now though we are preparing a bubble chart to map out the different multiverses perceived and written here into different groups based on undercurrent theme and characters ethical alignment. And then a hotline to assist those who get migraines trying to understand it!

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306762 The addition of some Vinyl Scratch wubs, or maybe something by bach will assist in turning on your insanity gland as well,

306760 Step one, go read my smaller story. Step two try to understand the post note at the end at about three in the morning. That was about the time I wrote it anyway. At this point you are approaching the breaking point. NOW DON'T STOP! Stay up a bit longer, drink a soda or two. Now try to understand it again!

Whenever you want to let go of you sanity after that, just remember whatever you felt and thought that night, and you probably will (unless you can't remember that night, if so just repeat till you do)

I need to lose my sanity, please help. :fluttercry:

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