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A group where you'll find sequels to stories you loved some much. If you have a sequel to your story or someone else put it here!

We have a folder for first stories in a series, a folder for every genre for sequels (I can't figure out that sub-folder thingie), a folder for third stories in a series, a folder for fourth stories in a series (tell one of our admins if we need one for fifth stories), a non-sequel folder, a NSFW folder (contact one of our admins if you'd like to be in charge of it), and an Admin Picks folder. Right now, you can put stories in yourself, but if you don't put the stories in the right folders we'll have to take away that privilege.

Manes- Admin and Founder!
superpony55- In charge of folders (and will help with threads)
Shimmering Honor- Rulemaker

VIP Threads:
Story Starter 1

Rules (we'll make more later):
1) No Bullying... this group has a zero tolerance of bullying. There will be one warning VIA a PM, if you continue then it is will result in a BAN!
2. Put everything in the right folder.

3.) If you post the first part of a story series and Plan to create a sequel... You are allowed 1-2 Months writing time. After this time, if no Sequel is posted, it will be removed from the group. However, if you PM an Admin before the deadline saying it is almost complete, an extra two weeks will be added to the deadline.

4.) (optional) You may Post threads asking for Plot ideas for a sequel or just general chatter.

Please follow the rules, we want this to be a friendly group! Enjoy your stay!

And most importantly, have fun!

-superpony55, Shimmering Honor, and Manes

Questions? Contact us! We'll help you, and contact superpony55, if you'd like to be in charge of the NSFW folder! She'll make you a contributer, so you can make sure it's as it should be! Tell us if you have any problems with this!

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hope I got the stories in the right folder now.
the second should be in well within the stipulated time, I think.

Great!:pinkiehappy: pm me the folders you have plan for the group:twilightsmile:

Indeed. Would you like to be in charge of the folders?:duck:

We need a folder.

331504 well I was the first to join so I went mainstream...

331503 Hello is to mainstream

331502 and why not say Hello to a new group...

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