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Take me down to Manehattan, where the manes are manes and the hattan is hattan.

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Honest Apple Thoughts · 3:53am June 11th

If FiMFiction user FamousLastWords hasn't already commented on his best pony playing his best genre, then trust me...he will. :raritywink:

This actually wasn't my best episode of the season (Parental Glideance was, and from what some fans say, that opinion might change in the next half hour when I watch A Royal Problem), but I do have some notable remarks on it. Think of this not so much as a review as a series of random thoughts.

* Two best supporting ponies namedropped in the same episode? Boy, Hasbro, do you know how to please me!
* Seriously, there needs to be an investigation on why Rara is calling herself "Countess" again. Not that I doubt she would, but this is still a fascinating mystery and I need answers. Whole episode long answers.

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so cute!


You're very welcome! I've always been fascinated with the idea of reading every book in the world.

Thanks for the favorite! ^_^

You have an interesting concept going on, can't wait to see where you take it!

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