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Clogging up the CocoBabs tag with mother/daughter goodness since 2014. Making people hate the Oranges more than usual since 2015.

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Imperfect Storm (Actress Square Book 1)--currently working on Chapter 8
If You Give a Little Love--Part 64 out now
Light Pollution--Part 9 coming next week
Paging Doctor Sparkle--Part 8 coming December 9

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Second-to-Last IGYALL Part Out Now! · 12:48am Tuesday

I think you'll find that this quote comes true in a surprisingly satisfying way this time. :raritywink:

I tried my best to make this arc as good as the Madmare in the Attic one that came before. Even if it's not as good as that one, it's still what you've all been waiting for: Coco going off on everything she's seen throughout the story and fighting back for real!

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I'm about to go to bed myself. Just marathon-wrote a new part, worked, and learned to introduce myself in sign language all in one day, so I'm pretty pooped.

Bored. Feel like chatting?


Yeah. Why do you ask?

Do you have Discord?

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