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A collection of fics that give you the feels. This is also an area where you can talk about your feels, and spread your own stories that will cause feels.

All are welcome.

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I have a story, or more like a poem, that I know is feelzy :fluttershysad:.

Oo, oo, oo, I wanna cause feels! Here ya'll go!!!

Batmare Begins, while tagged as a Crossover and Adventure story, does, I assure you, have every intention of causing feels, and already has for a number of my readers. It may not look like it on the surface, but trust me, just give it a chance and, if you like it, you may find that it does in fact tug at your heartstrings in some areas. Hope ya'll like it!!! :scootangel:

You want feels? I got ya all some feels right here

Hello, folks. Feels are feely good. Feely. good? Get it? *shot*

Anyway, have a couple of stories:

Clouded Minds is FlutterDash friendshipping. Rainbow reveals to 'Shy the reason why she feels such a responsibility to her fellow pegasus. It goes all the way back to their time at Flight Camp, and what should have been the happiest day of Dash's life.

For an Angel to Pass is a tear-jerker starring Angel Bunny. Yes, really. I wrote this deliberately to see if I could write a sympathetic Angel story, and I could. Be prepared to shed a tear for him.

Hello, folks.
Here are the saddest stories I have written thus far.
What My Dark Half Is Telling Me is a Pinkamena story with not a cupcake in sight. She does have issues with Pinkie, however.
Stillborn is about a pony ghost who has to cope
with King Sombra stealing his body before he even had a chance to get born.
I hope you like my tales.

Hi everypony!

I just added my stories, "First" and its sequel, "Scent of Roses".

I think they should be capable of causing a lot of feels, if that's your thing. "First" even got featured on EQD, and a lot of people seemed to agree, so check 'em out. Thanks!

hello everyone,
I just added Spike the Knight, there are some feels from time to time, but not many
still you could give it a try.

288489 we all have the freaking feels K!
oh and I added another feels. not my work, but good enough, before that I added my own

I got the feels when I learned the 11th Doctor doesn't say Alons-y.

And when the 10th Doctor regenerated.

And when I hear I Am The Doctor.

Dr. Who gives me many feels.



Dat feel when no girlfriend.


Guys. I just came feels.

I has all the feels

I know that feel
A kind of feely feel
the feely feel that feels

My anus has feels.

288489 use the feels liam :raritywink:

I know that feel
the fuzzy feeling of happiness
the feels of being under pressure
the feels of wanting to live in equis cause its perfect
the feels of wanting to escape reality
the feels of losing my sanity
I HAVE THE FEELS :moustache:

I has the feels.

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