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This is a group for anyone who feels that Diamond gets way too much hate. I mean, there's a group for people who want to punch them, so there should be a couple more for loving them, right?

Here are a few guidelines:

-NO Clopfics. This group is for anyone!

-Don't say anyting negative to DT!

Here are the basic Folder Rules:

-Bad Girls: Stories where Diamond is the Antagonist
-Chapter Star: Where Dia is only in one chapter, like in a short stories compilation.
-Diamond's Days: Slice of Life
-Disturbing Stuff: Dark, or jut anything creepy
-Friendship: Stories about Dia's friendship with Silver Spoon
-Frenemies?? : Where Dia and Silver are frenemies or enemies.
-LOL!: Comedy or funny stories.
-Lovey Stuff: Romance
-On the Sidelines: Where Dia is in the story, but not the main lead
-Other Worlds: Interdimensional Travel, or just plain AU.
-Randomness: Random
-Sadness; Sad stories.

If TheFanficFanPony absolutly loves your story, you'll get this:

And let's not forget her colt AU self...

Diamond Prince!!!!

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Where are my Diamond Tiara lovers at?


Last post 56 weeks ago....not anymore =D


Oh, that wasn't belittleing them either, I was just saying they're examples of how tropes that kick off early tend to be more easily picked up by newcomers to the fandom. They see that Derpy is commonly associated with a muffin and just wind up following it, same with Lyra's hand fetish and Celestia's trolling.

387597 I was talking about Lyra, Derpy & Co.

About Diamond... This isn't something exclusive to DT. Many newbie authors tend to paint fic antagonists in completely black tones, and in the end, they always "punished" for their actions by Princesses no less. Sometimes, that's just ridiculous: character acts normally some time, but as soon as he/she oppose main protagonist, suddenly OoC-ness+vileness.
As for art, there is two times more scootabuse than tiarabuse.


I'm not belittleing it, I'm just saying I don't get it. If it was just a small group of people fair enough, but it seems the vast majority of the fandom is set on exaggerating DT's actions to the point it 'justifies' wishing her dead.

381127 Hey, no need to belittle existing fanons just because you like DT. Tropes are not bad, after all.


Awesome! The universe just got a little bit closer to perfection :yay:


Well, there are one or two moments where she's subtly shown to be more than just a bully who exists solely for tormenting the crusaders, but these are /very/ subtle. It's just the small details like her participating in the Hearts and Hooves Day events (even a pony offering her a card), attending the parade with SS and Babs, and heck, even just a couple of seconds in the final episode where she's cheering over Tirek's defeat with everypony else.

The problem isn't so much that Hasbro never fleshed her out enough (if it was, we'd never have the Derpy Hooves or Vinyl Scratch stories that we have today). It's more that, for whatever reason, the fandom likes to greatly overreact to all the (few) things she does to the CMC. She calls Apple Bloom a blank flank as a means of making her jelly, the fandom sees this as her going out of her way to destroy AB's life every day. She brings Babs over to her side, the fandom sees it as a well thought-out plot to completely crush the CMC. Silver Spoon shows she's an individual by clapping to Granny's story. To the fandom, this clearly shows that DT is brainwashing her and later whipped SS back into obedience.

Unfortunately, the most dominant fanon only lures more followers. You can see it with Derpy being the klutzy, muffing-obsessed mailmare, with Lyra using magic to make magical hands, and with Trixie stories that show her 'only wanting to better herself' after being attacked by mobs all over Equestria.

What gets me is how this trope even started. I mean, sure people like the CMC, but they're not as popular as say the M6 or some of the more famous background ponies. Heck, I've even seen a fair share of bronies admit that the CMC annoy them sometimes, and the characters we /should/ be disliking, like Discord and Chrysalis, the fandom loves to death! :S

The only reason DT gets as much hate as she does is that Hasbro portrayed her in a manner to be somepony to hate, and never did develop her character beyond that. The fandom (for the most part) just ran with this as it stood, and continued to portray her in a negative light.

I have read one Fanfic where the author actually worked hard at giving her a back story and developed the character in such a way that one cannot hate her.

Diamond needs more love. She needs to have stories of her that do not fall into the common pit of displaying her as an object of hatred, but show her to be a pony who, while she may do some things which are not nice, she just needs to have someone truly be her friend.

Diamond Prince FTW :heart:
Oh, and there should really be a clone of this group for Silver Spoon too :ajbemused:

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