Silver Spoon Appreciation Association! 75 members · 116 stories

For anyone who loves Silver Spoon!

There are rules:
No insulting Diamond Tiara here! Silver loves her, ya know!
Same goes for Silver!
NO CLOPFICS! This group is for anyone!

-Bad Girls: Stories where Silver is the Antagonist
-Chapter Star: Where Silver is only in one chapter, like in a short stories compilation.
-Disturbing Stuff: Dark, or jut anything creepy
-Friendship: For Dia and silver friendship stories.
-LOL!: Comedy or funny stories.
-Lovey Stuff: Romance
-On the Sidelines: Where Silver is in the story, but not the main lead
-Other Worlds: Interdimensional Travel, or just plain AU.
-Randomness: Random
-Sadness; Sad stories


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why is it do you think the animators have to dull the colors of Silver Spoon (violet turns to lavender) and Twist's eyes (appear pink) behind their glasses? I mean I wear glasses and the lenses are clear. I don't know why they decide to mute the beauty of their eyes behind the lenses.:unsuresweetie:

Question- I have a Silver Spoon story, but in this one she and Diamond aren't friends. Can I put it into 'Friendship'?

I guess I need to be here in honour of Silver Spoon.
Now she is just hoping she landed her balloon in the correct folder.
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