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I am a very mysterious person.

That's a lot of bats

Bats! Everyone is a bat! You, me, your waifu, everyone!

Made it this far?

Things you need to know about me.

I am a very mysterious person, but the following things about me are public information:

1. I like things that are cute, things that are macabre. I instantly love anything that manages to be both simultaneously. Bat ponies fall into the later category.
2. I'm one quarter vampire on my mother's side. If you have any questions about vampires or what not, feel free to ask below.
3. I dye my hair pink out of loyalty to goddess Madoka. Praise Madoka!
The grand, but incredibly short, list of people allowed to call me "Epsy":

List of users who's avatars I've successfully improved: Eris H Discordia, Luminary, Tentacle Slaphappy.,

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Maybe you were taking baby bat ponies out for a walk?

I had no power for a fair amount of the day, and reread that mlp book with Auntie Lofty and Holiday again on a Kindle, since that did have power. Just thought I'd point out this bit.

"I'm not sure anything here is normal," Sweetie Belle murmured, pointing a hoof. The other fillies followed it to see Blue Moon headed toward them, "walking" a pair of bats on tiny leashes.

--Sweetie Belle

I ended up refunding Disgaea 5 on Steam. I do still have it on the Switch, after all, and I can always buy it again later, if there's a big sale going on or something...

--Sweetie Belle

Well, I think someone was planning on fixing translation issues with mods...


There was some talk of difficulty mods, and since it used the Switch graphics, which were lower resolution, higher res graphics.

And while I like the Switch version, it'd be nice to have it on my computer, too.

But yeah, they really really messed up this release.

--Sweetie Belle


Somebody must have messed something up bad that they need to delay a port for like, a year.

I am curious what Disgaea 5 mods there are, though. Disgaea is one of the few games where I feel like the art style is already cutesy enough to not need improvement. Also I can't remember any classes I miss from older ones so I'm not sure what I'd even want to mod in.

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