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I am a very mysterious person.

That's a lot of bats

Bats! Everyone is a bat! You, me, your waifu, everyone!

Made it this far?

Things you need to know about me.

I am a very mysterious person, but the following things about me are public information:

1. I like things that are cute, things that are macabre. I instantly love anything that manages to be both simultaneously. Bat ponies fall into the later category.
2. I'm one quarter vampire on my mother's side. If you have any questions about vampires or what not, feel free to ask below.
3. I dye my hair pink out of loyalty to goddess Madoka. Praise Madoka!
The grand, but incredibly short, list of people allowed to call me "Epsy":

List of users who's avatars I've successfully improved: Eris H Discordia, Luminary, Tentacle Slaphappy.,

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And....I have zero.... knowledge of Batpony lore. I skimmed your earlier comments, and all that Sun Queen and some dead mom empress. Could you catch me up and which side my order could join.

A vampire eh? Well, let us hope we never cross paths. As long as you never kill the innocent and haven't any plans of living in PA USA, we should get along great. And I enjoy bat ponies as well. I find the very cute.
Oh, and is Dracula real?

Whyever did you delete Corruption?

And if you didnt mind, as one of your faithful supporters of that story, would you allow me to reboot the story and continue it myself? I know it'll probably mean a lot to the people who read that story before.

Yeah. The demo was very ready for release, though. Maybe issues would've cropped up later, but in the brief time I had with it, it ran pretty well. I've heard it's easy to port to switch from pc and vice-versa, which might be why they did 5 first, instead of trying to port 3-4 from ps3.

I wouldn't consider turning from a rabbit to a bunny girl a problem. Maybe it's different when you are actually a rabbit.

Hacked Switch is very much a work in progress. Taking a look, I probably can't actually hack mine yet, because I'm on the latest firmware version, but I will be able to at some point in the future. They found a hardware vulnerability, so in theory all switches are hackable. I think right now it's just running homebrew, so probably things like emulators.

I wish I had an SNES Classic to hack (Or just play with, but I'd want to hack it and dump a bunch more roms on it, at least. Yay original Chrono Trigger with the original translation!). I do have a hacked PSP, PS2, and DSi, though. (The latter, I've got a special cartridge with an sd slot in it for.)

--Sweetie Belle


Yeah, and of course 'Summer 2018' is game developer for 'Spring 2019' half the time.

Changing from a rabbit to a bunny girl is the opposite of a problem. It's a huge improvement.

And yeah, I only hack systems that are like, way old (PSP) or have no internet (SNES Classic) anything else probably isn't worth the risk. What can you get on hacked Switch?

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