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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.

That's a lot of bats

Bats! Everyone is a bat! You, me, your waifu, everyone!

Made it this far?

Some people have been asking about it, so I set up a Ko-fi for anyone who wants to get me a coffee. I swear I won't spend it on anything else. It's over here.

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Generally self promotion isn't allowed in that group. SweetAI Belle is the one in control of all the forums, though. It might be better to try and get her permission.

hello, i am representing Pony ASMR Project. may i please post an Job listing on The Writers Group.

here is the listing.
Hello writers, i am representing Pony ASMR Project and we are looking for a new ASMR script writer. pay to be negotiated on personal review.

This position would include, working with the team to write an ASMR script that we will use for our next video. possibility for extension of the contract for work on the next scripts.

if you wish to be employed by the project, comment on this thread and I will DM you with Details/check your previous on this account.
no matter what i will contact you if you are interested with a Y/N.

Baby All Might

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