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I am a very mysterious person.

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Bats! Everyone is a bat! You, me, your waifu, everyone!

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I do have a copy of D2 for the PS3, but my PS3's not really hooked up at the moment, and there's also something wrong with my copy. I can get to a certain point in it, then it always crashes. I think there's probably a scratch on the disk or something.

I spotted the other day that it was on PS Now, so I could stream it on my PS 4, and started playing it from scratch, and was rather enjoying it, but every so often, the network connection was causing streaming problems, and it eventually decided to kick me back to the desktop. My PS4 is kinda as far as you can get from the wifi, though it might also have just been my connection right then. It might behave more another time.

--Sweetie Belle

Having played both, I can say Soul Nomad is the better of the two in terms of characters, story and gameplay. A whole lot of it is very memorable compared to lots of the other ones. My only complaint about it is that everywhere is a desert. I mean, it makes sense given the plot but come on.

Have you ever played D2? It's pretty good. It's like a more streamlined Disgaea game.

  • Viewing 1,377 - 1,381 of 1,381
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