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I am a very mysterious person.

That's a lot of bats

Bats! Everyone is a bat! You, me, your waifu, everyone!

Made it this far?

Things you need to know about me.

I am a very mysterious person, but the following things about me are public information:

1. I like things that are cute, things that are macabre. I instantly love anything that manages to be both simultaneously. Bat ponies fall into the later category.
2. I'm one quarter vampire on my mother's side. If you have any questions about vampires or what not, feel free to ask below.
3. I dye my hair pink out of loyalty to goddess Madoka. Praise Madoka!
The grand, but incredibly short, list of people allowed to call me "Epsy":

List of users who's avatars I've successfully improved: Eris H Discordia, Luminary, Tentacle Slaphappy.,

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Game time. The game is divided into 12 assignments, which are every three months, and I've completed the first one so far on this playthrough. Now I need to make a bunch of barrels, cannons, and bombs for the second assignment. Only I cheated and made most of them after finishing the first assignment, before I was given the second one.

--Sweetie Belle


I hope you mean 3-4 months in game time and not like... IRL time! Cause that's a loooooong game otherwise.

I guess I will. Right now, I just need to get around to one last boss fight with the robot, which I already died to once. But I started playing Atelier Rorona for a bit instead. I'm only 3-4 months into it, tho'.

--Sweetie Belle


I'm not sure if you can get the pacifist route on the first run, though. I guess you'll find out whyyyyyy pretty soon.


Well, I'm right around the Core right now, and I haven't yet used the attack button. Some of the battles are getting tricky, but I do have my Temmie armor...

--Sweetie Belle

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