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I am a very mysterious person.

That's a lot of bats

Bats! Everyone is a bat! You, me, your waifu, everyone!

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Things you need to know about me.

I am a very mysterious person, but the following things about me are public information:

1. I like things that are cute, things that are macabre. I instantly love anything that manages to be both simultaneously. Bat ponies fall into the later category.
2. I'm one quarter vampire on my mother's side. If you have any questions about vampires or what not, feel free to ask below.
3. I dye my hair pink out of loyalty to goddess Madoka. Praise Madoka!
The grand, but incredibly short, list of people allowed to call me "Epsy":

List of users who's avatars I've successfully improved: Eris H Discordia, Luminary, Tentacle Slaphappy.,

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That is kinda a bizarre dance. They should've gone with Tim Curry, tho'. He's more Halloweeny. You can even see him sing about it while wearing a bat and being a witch.

All you actually win is getting to choose the prompt for the next month, so not really that much. But you get something like 20 days to write 150 words, and it's easy for me to find time for that, and that's getting me to write a good deal more than I was.

--Sweetie Belle


This is the one they decided to go with, does that little jig but is charging at you while he does it. He has that super serious face while coming at you, even. It's like, the most bizzare way to charge at someone I've ever seen.

What do you win erm... win the contest?

Well, in theory this is for a contest, too, so I want them to be a little more accessible. Not sure I'll ever win, but I've been entering pretty much every month, and everypony seems to like my entries, anyways. Several people really liked last month's entry.

Writing with restraints is fun, tho'. And all of my entries end up in my collection of short stories, anyways. I like having that around.

That's a shame. If Pennywise shows up, he really should be scary and all Tim Curry-ish.

That's scary. Not sure how scary Pennywise dancing would be.

--Sweetie Belle


Well obviously it wouldn't be a story for the unwashed batless masses! Only those who have read the comics can understand true art! But yes, I can understand restraints and all that. Have done such things myself before.

I would take any Halloween VR stuff and for the most part I do. There's already a good amount I can get on the Gear VR, mostly haunted houses and stuff like that. I tried one based on It recently too. Was really neat up until Pennywise showed up. It's hard to explain, but everything else looks so real but then he show's up and it's like he's flat, like they just copy and pasted him out of the movie. Also he comes dancing right at you. Not threatening at all.

I would've liked to have had the meeting, too. The trouble is that to really have Tiberius in a story properly, I need to explain that Luna has a pet, he's a possum, and his name is Tiberius, 'cause otherwise everypony that sees him and hasn't read the comics'll be confused. And that takes words, unfortunately. I went over the whole thing word by word, sentence by sentence...

I like the 150 word thing, but I do feel like the stories I do in that format could use fleshing out pretty often. Still, it gets me writing. I do like writing these stories once a month, and too many more words and I wouldn't be doing it.

I'm not really just having a cute bat pony throwing themselves at me would actually be a bad thing.

Actually doing the trick or treating in vr would be more fun. Maybe they could do Costume Quest VR or something?

--Sweetie Belle

  • Viewing 1,229 - 1,233 of 1,233
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