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I like things that are spooky or cute. Now with kofi.


Twilight cracked the code · 7:09pm October 30th

:twilightsmile:Haha! Now I don't have to decide what to read next!

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Almost a Halloween story. · 5:08pm October 30th

ECan I sleep with you tonight?
Sometimes you get scared and need to sleep in somepony else's room. It's okay. It happens to everypony. Sometime literally.
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I suppose it's kind of close. Though mostly it's just a cute slice of life.

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Broad Daylight timeline · 6:24pm October 2nd

I made a timeline of the past 100 years or so mostly for my own reference. I thought I'd share it in case anyone was curious. The timeline doesn't contain any spoilers if you've read up to the current chapter.

Link to timeline

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Coming Soon: A Witch in Broad Daylight. · 8:58pm Oct 18th, 2020

So earlier this year I finished a vampire pony story (Final Corruption). But the obvious next question was: what about all the other monsters?

So that’s what I’m doing next. All the other monsters!

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Anyone want some free games? · 5:11am Dec 17th, 2017

So I'm like, lousy with steam keys. Like I got way too many of these darn things and I can't get rid of them. That's where you come in. Below you is a list of steam keys I got and your job, if you want, is to take one of them. Just tell me which one you want and it's yours totally for free, I'll PM you the key. I'm giving out one per person for now (first one to ask for the game gets it). If you want more than one then uh... draw my avatar as a bat pony. I'll give you three no matter how

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The next president. · 7:25pm Nov 10th, 2016

Maybe you think we've hit rock bottom this election cycle, but I assure you it can get worse (and probably will). Dr. Insano 2024! I'm calling it now.

It's sad to know this used to be a joke.

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Forum game - Trick or Treat Beta v 2.0 · 6:50am Sep 18th, 2016

This is a link to the game!

Is something I'm trying to put together for Halloween. I may end up posting a few different versions of this, but need to see how people react before finalizing anything. Need to know how much complexity people can handle and stuff.

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Rarity flirts with a mare in the comics? · 7:20am Aug 5th, 2016

Was reading the Maud issue and saw this.

Or at least I'm 90% sure that pilot is a mare. Rarity walks up to her, says some flirty things, the mare blushes (you might not see it too well in the scan but she clearly is) and agrees to help, similar to what she does to stallions... only this time it's blatant lesbianism.

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Dahir Insaat, the future we deserve? · 5:07am Jul 24th, 2016

I recently found these videos and thought they were funny.

Dahir Insaat seems to be a company that only pitches horrible ideas. Here's a pitch for their ultimate air superiority weapon.

And here's the future of grocery shopping.

And the future of pizza delivery.

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Witch test 2015 · 5:04am Oct 26th, 2015

A slightly expanded list from the last one. Try to see how many of these witches (ranging from super famous to impossibly obscure) you can name. I want to see what you people got.

You should at least be able to get one of them. If not then here's a hint: one of them is Trixie.

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