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Broad Daylight Appendix C: A Glossary of Robitcs · 7:34pm Yesterday

Emotional setpoint theory: A model of the workings of pony emotions first posited in the 13th century by Lovelace, one of the first mad scientist, during a period where robots were still hypothetical. This model posits that ponies have exactly five discreet emotions (Aggression, Love, Fear, Apathy and Sadness). Any other emotions exist as a setpoint between two of these emotions.

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A Skeleton in the Closet · 6:10pm Oct 30th, 2022

You want another one in this AU?

TA Skeleton in the Closet
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon throw the most literal Nightmare Night party possible.
Epsilon-Delta · 24k words  ·  49  1 · 577 views

That's right! It's Silver Spoon vs. Freddy Krueger more or less, turning that one line about dream demons into a 30K word halloween adventure. This is basically my take on a seventh Nightmare on Elmstreet movie but with ponies!

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1,000 upvote special is go. · 1:39am Oct 17th, 2022

Looks like I made it to 1000 upvotes, at last proving myself not to be completely worthless.

I know what you’re all saying “that’s not remotely impressive. Shut up!”

But ah! If you limit it to just fanfics published this decade then uh…

Okay, actually, if you limit it to fanfics published this decade which ALSO don’t have the human tag / are about ponified humans THEN I’m actually in the top five! And I have potential to become number one in this niche weight class soon enough.

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TV tropes page? · 1:25pm Sep 15th, 2022

Looks like somebody made a TVtropes page for A Witch in Broad Daylight. So I guess you can check that out if you're into that sort of thing. Shout out to the mystery guy what did it. They wrote a whole lot of entries too.

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Appendix D: Alicorns and ranks in Starlight's cult · 11:43pm Sep 11th, 2022

(Information in the Mythology section contains spoilers. This section should not be read before the Witches 10 chapter.

On Alicorns:

“So here.” Twilight finished her chart. “Since I’m trying to spell everything out, I drew this little family tree. I suppose this is everypony’s family tree in a sense. So here we got true void which collapses into true chaos which inevitably creates a being of perfect order that can withstand it…”

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Broad Daylight: Bloodstorm Cartel, Oaken Field, North Equestria · 12:55am Apr 10th, 2022

Bloodstorm Cartel:

Leader – Screwball (Formerly Bloodstorm).

Headquarters – Endless Paradise Island

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Siren Truck · 12:56am Mar 28th, 2022

It's me, Sonata Musk from Siren X! I'd like to introduce to you all the Siren Truck. Not only can my new truck drive underwater, but the windows are unbreakable! Just watch.
Um... Dagiiiiii!

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Broad Daylight: Spectral Federation, Crater Cemetery, Old Manehattan · 6:58pm Mar 4th, 2022

Spectral Federation


The Spectral Federation was once the most powerful force of ghosts in the world. It was formed in the year 1200 when the head specters of the five largest ghost cities decided to form a weak federal government between them. A number of specters in control of smaller groups would join the federation in the coming years.

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Broad Daylight: The Allgood Group, Toxco, Curse Tech · 7:04am Feb 13th, 2022

The Allgood Group
Leader: Snap Allgood
Valuation: 600 billion bits

The Allgood Group was founded in the year 1111, making it Equestria’s oldest corporation and still one of the largest.
Until being surpassed by Curse Tech, it was largely seen as the innovative tech giant of Equestria. It was the Allgood Group that innovated telephones, film, electric lighting, and trains among much more.

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Broad Daylight: Mad Science Institute, League, Association and Cartel · 5:48am Jan 10th, 2022

Mad Science Institute:

Leader: Unknown

Headquarters: The Far Reaches

Area of specialization: The supernatural

The art of mad science dates back to antiquity, but the creation of micro-portals in the 13th century made it a far more viable area of expertise, ‘dives’ going from near-certain death to an unlikely accident. With the help of the witch Spatial Tear, who intended to sow chaos, mad scientists quickly became common.

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