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I write bat-pone and moth-pone. I'm an expert on both.

Speck and Sirocca

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>finish AFO
Some day I'll finish it and Orphan.
But I don't consider them Speck and Sirocca's canon anymore. With some of the recent art I've been getting of Speck and Nuke, I'd rather do a complete and total rewrite of their canon from the ground up to introduce Luca as Speck's sister, keep their parents alive, and do some Grandparent dynamics with Sirocca, mostly to move away from HIE/AIE stuff.

I'll likely keep my moth stories the way they are and wedge them into the new Canon, since they're largely standalone and I still want to use Treble Town as the main region that I write about.
Assuming I ever get the time to write after work.

Nuuuuke! I saw this morning that you got Speck into that Anon comic, congrats!

Also, Pls finish AFO sometime... pls...

When will you update 'A feeling of'? It's realm good and I want to read more please.

Comment posted by Vates Despero deleted Aug 25th, 2015

that is fine and thank you

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