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Speck is a kind and gentle mare. She is extremely protective of her loved ones, and quite shy around strangers. More often than not, she is silly, upbeat, and compassionate.
Despite growing up in a modest and humble home, she is quite appreciative of high fashion and fancy cuisine.
She is a fruit-eater, and loves any dishes with bananas, pineapples, or mangoes in them. One of her favorites are banana muffins.

Sister group: Echo

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*slaps you*
Sorry, I really hate spiders.
(Not really, LOLZ)

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On my opinion regarding bat ponies, I would like to redirect to Echo's fan group, but Speck is my absolute favorite!

I thought it would be worth sharing this with the world.

Currently working on a story about the adventures of Echo and Speck after nightmare moons defeat. I'll give people the unpublished view password once the first chapter is done, but don't be updated until I finish my other stories


I love batponies.

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