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Long time no see. · 5:28pm Jun 6th, 2018

Hey there, people!

I know this has been a long time that you heard from me again, but let me explain.

Things had come in and out over the years, and I think I started off on the wrong foot when I started this in 2013. I thought that I would get recognized after working hard, but things got in the way due to things, and the years just stapled on and such. In other words, I just forgot to go and write things, and I didn't got any inspiration, whatsoever.

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Latest news my friends! I decided to become a riffer of my own, just like Twow443 and all the others!

Unfortunately, I haven't been riffing since, so I only have one riff just yet. Hopefully you enjoy this one just as much. Good bye, and let's hope that there will be more where that came from.

Twilight Destroys A Hospital

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Hey alue, it's me, RoC.
If you want to get communications back on, send a friend request to the tag I sent you.
Sorry about disappearing.

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the fav on Rising Dawn.

Thanks for adding Fallen Nightmares to that library! May I poke you for a comment on it?:scootangel:

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