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Who is she, anyway?
Silverspeed is a background pony from Hurricane Fluttershy, though she also appeared briefly in Rainbow Falls. She's a pegasus pony with a grayish-silver coat and mane, and a bow and arrow for a cutie mark. On top of that, poor Silver's a tad unappreciated by the fandom. At least, on this site. But we hope to change that.

What stories do you want?
Any at all! Silverspeed is still a fairly-obscure pony, so any role in any story will do. Preferably one where she has a fairly integral role, but any speaking roles are good too.

What are the rules of this group?
1. Follow all of Fimfic's ground rules.
2. Be sure to properly place your story by content rating in the folders.
3. When in the forums, be good to others. This means no flaming, shitposting, etc.
4. Try to keep any discussion related to Silverspeed.
5. Apart from all that, have fun!

Now go on, add some stories!

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Now I’m tempted to write about Silverspeed. The closest thing she has to canon characterisation is this:

I've only seen Silver Speed once in Hurricane Fluttershy, and up until this minute, I've never found a group focused on her. Now that I've seen it...I think I'll give it a try on writing about her:twilightsmile:.

Oh... oh my... never seen this pony before, but I am in! :yay:

Is it wrong just to join a group about a pony you only like because of her looks? ...Well, to be fair I suppose Silverspeed is one of those characters with a full in the blank personality.

A group about Silverspeed? :pinkiehappy: I am so in

Aw... too bad it's too late for me to give Silver Spoon a sister in the story I'm working on.
Congratulations! This group was listed in New Groups. This was deserved because of its freshness.

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