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Echo was one of the first bat ponies created on Batponies.wikia. She was a collaborative effort between several Anons, taking almost three threads to create. She is often seen as the thread's mascot, and has some popularity outside of /mlp/. Someone even made her into a plushie.

Her personality is often portrayed as silly and playful, sometimes mischievous. A bit eccentric, but always upbeat and uplifting. She likes to eat a lot, especially really sweet and exotic fruits like lychee and mangoes. In more serious instances in stories of her appearance, she is usually a bit more assertive.

In the earliest one-shot stories involving her, she was often portrayed as trying to trick Anon into falling asleep so she could draw his blood, uninhibited.

Sister group: Speck

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415275 You said, in effect, "Anyone who DOESN'T like Bat Ponies is probably evil," and my OC is the Pony Devil, so that's incorrect, since he's a Thestral Alicorn. He's so evil, his middle name is "Est Aliquid Mali," which means "The Greatest Evil," in Latin, the Dark Language.:trollestia:

415274 I didn't say that someone who does like bat ponies is inherently evil, so...:trixieshiftright:

407192 Incorrect. I like Bat Ponies, and :pinkiecrazy:I'M EVIL AS HELL!:pinkiecrazy:

Anyone who doesn't like Echo (or bat ponies, for that matter) is probably evil.
Your creation is fresh. Congratulations! This group earned a listing in New Groups.

Well, I had a Flutterbat idea which needed more batponies, so Echo sounds like a good fit.


I. LOVE. BATPONIES! So much that I officially changed my OC from a pegasus to a bat pony proper. And Echo is one of my ultimate favorites!

I have no idea who Echo is, but I like the concepts of bat ponies, so why not?

394560 I did indeed. Welcome to the group. :twilightsmile:

394415 You made this? SOLD.

What the heck? I'll join!

394394 There just came a story to the group.

If this isn't any of the suggested stories, any idea who wriote them and thus would be holding on to them?

394408 Afraid not. I've actually been looking for it myself, but I can't seem to find it. The current description is just temporary (quoted from bat pony wikia) until I get around to writing an original one.


Can I see a link to the one shot mentioned in the group description?

394387 Just the question, where is the story and stories about her?
I would love to see all the material and side material of hers.
Even if I don't write a story about her, her friends or any other Bat Pony.

394385 That is good, I guess.
Unless you are Pinkie Pie, considering most of her tricks only work, because none can figure out how.

Just like a cartoon can walk over the cliff, only until she notice the cliff is well behind her.
Which can be hilarious, on occasion.

Guess we just have to read up on her and reaquaint ourselves and make up for all the lost time.

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