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"Float like a butterfly, until I rip your F*CKING wings off & set you ablaze!!"~Tartarius

To those I've offended (unintentionally):

Chill out guys. Just listen,,,Relaaaax....ju--Whoa fuck, why does my voice sound deeper than Jenna Jamison's throat???

Welp, my voice is about as fucked up as a certain nurse who had a legendary man's dick split in half inside her...so I might as well enjoy it. Hit it!! *Pulls out an acid tab & drops it into a bottle of Pure Grain Alcohol, then downs the whole solution in seconds*

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Don't mind if i break 'wind' :pinkiecrazy:

1935402 No problem there. I could probably come up w/ something. So "Calm" ur tits:rainbowlaugh:


it WILL have to be approved by me however (once you have a good idea of how all of your ideas will go together. and if it starts to go into a range that im uncomfortable with, i might turn it down :applejackunsure:

I'm not going to make any judgments until then though.

1934733 Unless it's another of the secrets he keeps, even from family. You wouldn't have thought he's as weak as he is physically, yet it's true. Though I was planning for both of them to share said secret...which would foster understanding.


True that may be, though it still is strange by societal standards. Not that that's a bad thing. I just don't see the age difference happening is all. And Silver, hedonistic? That's tough to swallow...

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