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We are soldiers in white gloves.

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  • 33 weeks
    More than a year has passed since I became a volunteer and a participant in the fighting.

    Yeah, time flies by. However, being here in the war zone, I learned a lot of truth. More precisely, I confirmed my guesses. This whole war is pointless! And even more lies, which are shown by the media in different countries.

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  • 55 weeks
    A long-awaited update. Dance inspiration.

    As always, I start my blog with a greeting.

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  • 87 weeks
    Updating the next chapter, and also some revelations from the author.

    Greetings to all readers of this blog!

    Chapter 8 is finally ready, and will be published soon. But since I haven't released a new chapter for almost two months, I'll surprise the readers. For someone it will be pleasant, and for someone it will be a burden.

    This chapter has an expanded version, or conditionally two chapters in one. The volume of words in this chapter (more than 30K). However, this is a very informative chapter on an entertaining plot!

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  • 96 weeks
    Dance inspiration. Revelation from the author. Part 1.

    I welcome all readers!

    Well, I want to share some revelations that should give an understanding of the plot for this story.

    Initially, this whole story was planned as a short story (about 10 thousand words) with porn content, with the participation of a human character and one pony (mare). The idea came up quite spontaneously when I was fascinatingly looking through some images.

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You haven't been online for a while. You still alive?

Anyway, I heard that there's a better alternative to the Russian Army now. The group is called Free Russia. It fights for everything good and against evil. It's currently conducting a special military operation in Russia to free the people who are oppressed by the totalitarian regime. Given that you also wish to fight for Russia, you should join them.

Странно, я не могу отвечать на ваши блоги или личные сообщения.
Но если этот комментарий не заблокирован:
Удачи на фронте, надеюсь, ты вернешься домой невредимым.

Stranno, ya ne mogu otvechat' na vashi blogi ili lichnyye soobshcheniya.
No yesli etot kommentariy ne zablokirovan:
Udachi na fronte, nadeyus', ty vernesh'sya domoy nevredimym.

Strange i can't answer to your blogs or personal messages to you.
But if this comment isn't blocked:
Good luck on the front, i hope you get home uninjured.

Did your post get removed?

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