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This group is dedicated to Sassy Saddles from the new episode "Canterlot Boutique".

Everyone is welcome

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welcome to the group

Clop you say? :trixieshiftright: I'm in.

thanks. I want to see someone make a story based on my suggestion =3

ooh that sounds like a good one.

I got a story for Sassy Saddles: a teenager was just having an ordinary school day, when, while he was waiting for the Bus to take him to school, notices a bizarre dress lying on the ground. deciding what to do with it, he puts it in his backpack, goes through the school day, and once he gets home, as he gets ready for bed after chatting with his parents and having dinner, he decides to put the dress on to see if it would fit him. naturally, it does! so he decides to sleep with it, not realizing that it would change his appearance forever.

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