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Word Frequency · 12:41pm May 8th, 2022

Hi All,

If anyone is interested, I found a Macro that produces a list of all the words used in a document and the number of times it is used.

Very useful for finding crutch words and phrases which are overused

For example the list for Why Sassy Saddles is below.
Some interesting words to note:

  • There are 5978 unique words.
  • 'Pussy' is said 102 times.
  • 'Felt' is said 233 times.
  • 'Sensitive' is said 62 times.

Word Frequency:

3256 the

2727 her

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Thanks! I'm not a quick writer so it took me looong time. Been meaning to write again but since I'm now imployed I don't have the hours. I think I'll do something a bit shorter...

Hey I just finished Sassy Saddles. Good work! Kinda inspires me to finally write one of my own sometime.

Thanks for the watch, welcome to the Legion!

My name is Wrex. What's your name

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