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I feel like I’m playing checkers with chess pieces.

Quotes said about me by different folks.

"You realize this makes you trash, right? Terrible, terrible trash."

- ChappedPenguinLips

"I just feel like you're the one who can make my story the best it can be."

- randome284

"You're a man of the people, Jack. Help this guy."


"Stop getting in the top three, you wanker."

- Dreams of Ponies

"Well shave my asshole and call me Mary Sue. You can actually write."

- Distorted Flare

Edit any of my stories. They all suck in some way. Having you at least look at my stories would be equivalent to God farting on my prayers. Perfect? No. An improvement? Hell yes.

- FamousLastWords

So I heard you're a story approver now. Tell me, has the regret started to set in?

- SeventhHeaven

You're making me a better man, Jack, but I hate you anyway.

- B_25


- Doctor Disco

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About Me

I'll edit this over time, this is just some basic information about me:

What's your first name?
Jack, obviously. :trollestia:

How old are you?
I am nineteen, my birthday is April 18th.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in Florida.

When did you first start watching the show and why?
I started watching sometime around Season 2 or 3, though I'm not entirely sure. I just saw stuff on the internet and decided to watch the pilot episode, I was a fan ever since. Sorry if that's a boring answer. :twilightsheepish:

What kind of music do you listen to?
Nothing good, I assure you.

What's your favorite genre(s)?
I love a good horror story if it's done well, though, those tend to be quite uncommon. :unsuresweetie:

Okay, what will you not read?
I don't like crossover that much, and I'll only read an HiE if I think it has a lot of potential; no EqG either.

What's your favorite character(s) from the show?
Probably Fluttershy, truth be told. Though, Twilight is a close second.

Least favorite character(s)?
Spike. Also, I don't hate them, but Princess Celestia and Luna are completely overrated.

If you have any other questions, let me know and I'll do my best to answer as long as they're not too personal. :scootangel:


7/15/18 · 11:43pm Saturday

Guess what, chucklefucks?

It only took four and a half months, but I wrote another 2k for "A Negative." I also took the liberty of correcting Quicksilver's rank and taking the time to iron out more of the story, so expect the next update to be sooner than 4.5 months this time (I apologize).

TA Negative
One of the positive things about being enlisted in the Solar Guard is all the possible mares Rainbow Dash could chase after. A negative? The one she's really after is in the Lunar Guard, and she's pretty… batty.
JackRipper · 11k words  ·  433  17 · 3.9k views

Sorry if you have to re-read it to remember everything, my dumbass needs to get it together.

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