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Bronycon! · 12:49am August 8th

So, I'll be leaving Wednesday early afternoon for Bronycon. Hosted in Baltimore, Maryland for anypony that didn't know, this will be the third year in a row for me. I'll be happy to chat with anyone that wants to meet me, though I doubt there's too many that would, and maybe go have a drink if you're old enough.

If you want to meet up, PM me before 11:00 AM EST on Wednesday and we'll work out the details.

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2489650 Oh. Um... is that a good thing...? Also, alright. I'm more use to Google Docs but I'll see what I can do on discord.

I review for 'A for Effort', a group to which you regularly submit stories. And yes, Discord is preferable, and it does work on your phone.

2489620 ? How so(in how familiar you are with my work)? Also, does it have to be Via discord? I ask because I use my phone to type since I don't have a computer...

If you're serious about this, Saber, because I'm familiar with your work, then message me your discord. I'll have time in a few hours to look at whatever story you really think you need help with.

2489600 The first one makes sense. The second one is even better considering that makes the story when better. The third one is not an issue since if the end result means it's going to be good, I don't mind waiting.

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