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Editing requests · 11:29pm Aug 20th, 2017

I decided to make an official post about this, seeing as I've received a good number of requests recently.

If you need an editor for your story and would like me to take a look at it, please look over the information below and see if it qualifies.

1. No smut please. This does not include romantic stories that happen to have a clop chapter, but rather stories written for the sake of the sexual acts.
2. While I'm not opposed to editing HiE, I don't care for EQG or self-inserts.

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Chicken Bucket presents: Dragons, Chickens, Yaks and Crickets! · 12:31am Oct 28th, 2018

My favorite chicken coup has been cookin' up something spicy!

TThe Pyro, the Pegasus, and the Poephagus
After a long night of studying and storytelling, Scootaloo, Smolder, and Yona team up to bake a cake for Rainbow Dash.
jowijo · 7.2k words  ·  38  1 · 588 views

Go check it out! Yours Truly was an editor, and lemme tell you, this is a good one.

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Just a little something I came up with: both a verb and a noun. Honestly, I thought it was kinda cute and clever, but now I see I was just inspired by the original. Humbly bows down. :twilightsmile:

Excuse me, sir. WHAT is that name you have?

thanks for the bookshelf add.

Hey, man. I heard the wonderful reading you did of Jack’s story, They’re Gone. :scootangel: It was great. I’d love to hear more readings from you in the future.

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