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Dreams of Ponies

We don't know who we are, we don't know where we are. Each of us woke up one moment, and here we were in the darkness. Nameless things with no memories...


Editing requests · 11:29pm Aug 20th, 2017

I decided to make an official post about this, seeing as I've received a good number of requests recently.

If you need an editor for your story and would like me to take a look at it, please look over the information below and see if it qualifies.

1. No smut please. This does not include romantic stories that happen to have a clop chapter, but rather stories written for the sake of the sexual acts.
2. While I'm not opposed to editing HiE, I don't care for EQG or self-inserts.

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Gonna Have My Cake and Eat It Too! · 12:07am Last Friday

A year older, and more horsewords written.

Love you all, and have a great weekend. Also, maybe a new story coming soon

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thanks for the bookshelf add.

Hey, man. I heard the wonderful reading you did of Jack’s story, They’re Gone. :scootangel: It was great. I’d love to hear more readings from you in the future.

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