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Hello there everyone. My name's Nick. I'm a writer, college graduate, and oddball. Thanks for coming to my page, I hope you enjoy it here!

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Woot! I'm back baby! · 7:46pm Feb 24th, 2017

(I'll get to updating Flash's Demon eventually. I need my editor, or anyone else who wants to stare into the pit of madness)

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Thank you for adding 'A Special Hearth's Warming' to your favourites.


Well I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiesmile:

I really, really did. I listened to it through the link you provided on FOE:Monster's page. Great listen, great story.

I hope you enjoyed the story! :pinkiesad2:

Thanks awesome dude with the Nitori avatar. It's a well worth watch.

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An introduction to me

Hello there everyone. My name is Nick.
I'm a writer, and I love to create things. I'm a college student in college.