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My name is Remedy. Call me Remi. I've recently come into the fandom and have always had a secret passion and natural knack for writing and reading. So now with that said I'm setting it to the test.

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This means war! · 9:40pm Mar 10th, 2018

I'm seriously reconsidering going back to hiatus!

Catching wind of some um....unsavory tags for myself I find myself between onr point and another.

Do I continue my art of pastel pony storytelling? Or bring myself to end it all and stop the suffering and ansgt and all the pent up aggrevation?

Hm. Interesting choices I've taken in the past three days and yet my urge for writing is as strong as ever. I have more to share and yet its not being seen by many.

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Me in a nutshell (HAH! I said nuts!)

I'm just an average guy. Well if you consider just leaving the service normal? (U-S-M-C! *pours a drink for mah brothers*) Either way I'm just a geek who loves to write, review, and plan things on this site. You get together with me in a conversation, you best be ready to talk for quite a bit. I always have an open mind to these types of things, though I do have quite a bit of experience in making stories for viewing.

Long story short. I've been an erotic roleplayer for the pass 12-13 years. I've come to realize that my specialty is romance and erotica. I've moved out on the roleplaying scene and have started making stories since about Feb, 2015, even though I joined around Sep, 2014. Yeah took up a lot of courage to force a story out of me. So! My very first story was and will be "The Colt Inside". I continue to write mostly for other people. I always try to give something back whether it would be from touching comments or just simple reviews, even if they are harsh. Why? Because in the end that's what a fanfic community does. Make each other better and share.

What would my OC look like? Well I'd love to tell an artist exactly how I would like to look, and it's simple since it' an earth pony, but I just haven't found anyone willing to draw it for me. sad Remi is sad T^T (<- Anime cry face.)

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