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My name is Remedy. Call me Remi. I've recently come into the fandom and have always had a secret passion and natural knack for writing and reading. So now with that said I'm setting it to the test.

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So you managed to snag a date with a girl (or boy) of your choice, huh?

This schools got a lot of choices. So let's see how well you do on a date with them.

A 2nd person POV story experience of having a 1 on 1 with selected characters. The format being the proposal, dating experience, then the farewell.

*This is featuring characters from the comment section. Everyone commenting will be able to vote on the next date/chapter being created. So be sure to leave your ideas and feedback if you want to see more of my work on this.*

P.S. Take note that this will be a clean version of relationships depicted. If you want something spicier I need to see the demand for it before I end up creating an arch series to this one.

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Defeat keeps a lingering taste at the back of your throat. Everything feels tense and the frustrations only add to it. Mentally and physically. It's a feeling that we've never come to know. Now we have to be reminded everyday about it.

It feels like I'm being provoked. That someone is laughing at me somewhere. Always smiling in glee that we no longer pose a threat to others. I am not one to be pushed around. I am a Goddess! I refuse to be humiliated in this manner! So how dare they! I'll find a way. You won't get away with this! My name is Adagio Dazzle and you will respect my name!

-This is how the Dazzlings continued their lives after the experience of their defeat at the hands of the Rainbooms in the Canterlot High School Music Festival. Will they learn their lesson? Will they survive? Or is their struggle only beginning? Every gem in time loses its luster and its features dull out, yet can these hidden gems shine again? Let's find out.

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My name is Bon, Bon Bon.

Many of you do not know me. Many of you may not understand what I do. Yet I will tell you one thing. Many of my actions are hidden away for the benefit of ponykind. I walk a hidden path that no one can follow. Not even those that I love.

This means that my only form of family and a normal life are out of my reach and should remain that way. For if the truth was to be told the land would surely fall victim. Dark work is happening besides us and to the secret agents of the crown, we commit the deeds that need not be witnessed.

Even from your own eyes my beloved daughter.

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Butterscoth-"Who's my girl?"

Eris-"Shut up!"

Butterscotch-"Come on! Who's my pretty girl?"

Eris-"I'm not one of your puppies!"

Butterscotch-"Who's my special girl?"

Eris-"Grrrr!...I am."

Butterscotch-"Yes you are! Oh yes you are!"

It's times like these when Eris finds herself at a drawbridge. Unable to think clearly with the kindness of another being flowing through her throughts. The being of chaos, the entity of everything disarranged, the goddess of topsy-turvy. A once truly feared being that was capable of amazing feats. Being able to topple over two Alicorn princesses, turn a whole land into a crazed carnival, and chocolate rain! Facts placed aside though. Eris was changing. And all thanks to the love of one pony. Now if only she was able to return her feelings. If she was just born as a more sensible girl. With normal powers or just a plain pony. Why did it have to be so difficult? To just show her love for Butterscotch.

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Several decades after the fall of Lord Tyrek. Twilight has managed to undergo quite the change to her new position. Being the Princess of Friendship, Twilight sparkle has been able to turn the little town of Ponyville into quite the humble abode. That is if you can see the town growing into a small suburban area. the influence of Twilight's presence has made Ponyville quite the attraction. Ponies gathering around from all over the land to see the place where the legendary six had started from. Although their time has gone and pass, Twilight finds herself still dealing with the fact that she has no end to her own life. Following the passing of her friends. Twilight is dealt with sadness for her friends lives coming to an end. While she continues to live on. How would she continue her life? Who else might she meet and befriend now that her rein continues and she is left with no one?

This is my submission to the EFNW Writing Contest.

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