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This is a group for coming up with a detailed consistent map of Equestria for the purposes of fiction. Basically a shared geography headcanon for Equestria. Why? Because it's cool if you're reading a story and it mentions a street name and you're like, "wait, wasn't that where Lyra kissed Bon Bon in that other story I read yesterday by an entirely different author?"

We'll use the official map as a starting point:

And from there we will try to write descriptions and maybe town plans for each town, road names, landmarks, etc.

Please use the forum for discussion, workshopping of locations. Once a consensus starts to emerge around a particular location an admin/contributor will create an "official" thread for that location with a title like TOWN: Ponyville.

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From where it starts near the Royal Castle it's called Canterlot Falls. From that point where it flows southwest through ponyville then into the sea just west of Las Pegasis it's called the Celestia River. The river to the east is called the Rolling Rock River which flows from the Crystal Mountains in the extreme north into Horseshoe Bay in Baltimare. There's a small tributary that runs between the Celestia River to the Rolling Rock river and that's called Luna Creek. Now you know.

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