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My name is Remedy. Call me Remi. I've recently come into the fandom and have always had a secret passion and natural knack for writing and reading. So now with that said I'm setting it to the test.


Several decades after the fall of Lord Tyrek. Twilight has managed to undergo quite the change to her new position. Being the Princess of Friendship, Twilight sparkle has been able to turn the little town of Ponyville into quite the humble abode. That is if you can see the town growing into a small suburban area. the influence of Twilight's presence has made Ponyville quite the attraction. Ponies gathering around from all over the land to see the place where the legendary six had started from. Although their time has gone and pass, Twilight finds herself still dealing with the fact that she has no end to her own life. Following the passing of her friends. Twilight is dealt with sadness for her friends lives coming to an end. While she continues to live on. How would she continue her life? Who else might she meet and befriend now that her rein continues and she is left with no one?

This is my submission to the EFNW Writing Contest.

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Comments ( 4 )

Not gonna read this. Really this is one of many reasons to hate a fucking twilicorn idea.

5703959 I completely agree with you. It was written on a whim though. Thanks for the input. I'll keep that thought in mind.

Yes immortality is a boon. Living forever? Most would jump at the chance. But this brings to mind the fact that you would outlive all you love. And if this was not handled correctly, could make a pony turn cold for fear of being hurt. Good story.

5721361 Thank you. Hope it does well in the writer's contest. I just wished they allowed more of a word limit. I can easily writer over 3,000 words.

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