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Every day Celestia shares light and love with all the ponies of Equestria. In turn, they share their love with her. Still, the princess senses there is something missing. Something her heart longs for.

Something her responsibilities have denied her for all these years.

As luck would have it, she’s given a gift that will let her experience her deepest hearts desires and take her to a place she may never want to leave.


Inspired by the Alan Moore story, For the Man Who Has Everything.

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Well, I know the story. I know how it could possibly go. I know all of this... So why am I less-than-pondering going out and buying a box of tissues?

Oh, right.

Somehow, I still have a heart.

Well then, um, carry on, I'm just gonna favor this so I don't miss a heart-crunching chapter of it. Fluttershy, if you would please. :yay:

Oh man... this is going to hurt. I am sooo tracking this!

I'm surprised. I thought that a story like this would be rated E.

I wonder what chrysalises Trump card is. 3 alicorns vs 1 changeling alicorn a balanced matchup this is not.

I love this! It was really original!:twilightsmile:

So let me see if I have the details right about Celestia's "dream world": Luna never became Nightmare Moon and was banished, she's married to Mirror-verse Sombra (or possibly the original never having been corrupted by dark magic), and Twilight and Sunset are her biological children.

Reading this, I don't know why no one made this story till now. Very nice first chapter, I hope to see more of this!

Oh no this is gonna be depressing isn't it.:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair::fluttershysad:

“Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake! Clap your hooves and do a little shake!”

Both princess erupted into a fit of giggles as other ponies on the platform glanced with happy or baffled looks at the behavior of their royalty.

"Mommy? Why are the princesses wiggling their butts at each other?"

"Don't look at them, Button. They're clearly disturbed. ...or depraved..."

So Celestia's innermost heart's desire is for mirrorverse Sombra to be her husband, and Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer to be her children, and to not be responsible for raising the sun every day. Interesting.

This story has very much caught my interest, and I will be following it.

(And yeah, I remember the JLU version of this particular story. Yikes.)


Yep, that's all pretty much spot on.

I almost did put Button in his mother in the exact scene you mentioned, if only because it would parallel nicely with their A-ban-domed appearance. :rainbowwild:

I've said this before and I'll say it again:

The comic was an overrated piece of shit with some golden kernels in it just like the writer. Fuck Alan Moore with a rusty pineapple.

That said, the loose adaptation of For the Man who Has Everything in Justice League Unlimited is LEAGUES (pun intended) better than the original piece of shit story and that episode is the one episode that really made me come to have a fundamental understanding of Superman and his character and made me want to watch Superman: TAS, much to my everlasting joy.

As to your story, I haven't read it yet, but assuming it's more the JLU version of the story, it's going to be fucking epic, I'm sure, especially since it's you writing it.

Why must Celestia's dreamworld be so cute? You make me feel really sad for her.

For some reason, I'm getting a feeling that this based off a certain Justice League episode...


That was pretty much the inspiration for this. I mentioned the original Alan Moore story in the description. :twilightsmile:


It better be that Justice League episode than the original piece of shit from a run of Alan Moore in the Superman comics.

You keep alternating between "Sunshine" and "Sunrise" for dream-Sunset's name.

While her eyes attempted to force internal combustion

She tried to turn her into a car? (I think you meant spontaneous combustion.)

She soon found herself passing under a massive entryway that opened into a giant stone cavern full of…

Luna squinted her eyes. Though a few errant lamps about provided light ample enough to see the entirety of the massive space she found herself in, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Is that… Is that an ancient massive penny?

The hell is Luna doing in the Batcave? :rainbowhuh:

EPIC ALICORN FIGHT TIME! ...err, alicorn vs queen bugpony fight time...


:rainbowderp: Whoops! Thanks! IT should have been "Sunrise" all the way through. :twilightsmile:

And the penny is a at least comic canon!


Starswirl kept some odd stuff around! :rainbowwild:

5936515 Yeah, I remember that. :rainbowlaugh:

Someone's a Steven Universe fan...

It's me.

But also you.

5935603 well someone seems angry.


Not really. Just because you curse a lot doesn't mean you do it angrily. Even if I did, Alan Moore is far angrier person, as the original comic book story very well indicates.

Hence, why I am very happy that, by all accounts, the story follows the much better loose adaptation from Justice League Unlimited.

Starswirl also banished sirens to, not Earth exactly, but an Earth-like planet. Maybe he's a Batman fan?

At least in the comics which are of dubious canonicity (and thank heavens, the protagonists hearing someone introducing themselves as a pirate should not be met with "cool, let me join your crew" rather than attempted arrest in any series attempting to portray its characters as heroic).

For a more detailed thesis on why Alan Moore is a baggy eyed Bolshevik fucko:

5937656 ah I am glad we could have this pleasant conversation.:twilightsmile:


And I'm glad that Razor Fist/The Rageaholic realizes what a cunt Alan Moore is. :D

i cant take chrysalis siriusly as a danger. why? well she is facing someone that can move an object that weights at least 10 Quintilian tons. I just don´t buy that the love of a pony or 100 pony's or a million pony's is equal to the force of a thausend thermonuclear warheads...In my opinion chrysalis is the most overestimated character of all time ( In terms of power ) and just because the moral of the canterlot wedding had to be "love conquers all"


Not that my intention is to convince you Chrysi is a legit threat compared to Luna or Tia (that's up to you and I'm fine if you can't take her seriously as a villain), though I always wondered if the moon and sun where really analogous to what we have on earth.

If the comics are to go by, the moon most certainly isn't with Luna able to lower it close enough that it can be lassoed so the ponies who can't fly can walk onto it.

I similarly also imagined the sun as something far smaller and closer to the planet. Either way, I never really envisioned Luna or Celestia's powers being they have the power to move a Sol system like sun or Earth type Moon. Obviously if they had a sun and moon roughly analogous to our own and we assumed Equestria was a planet very similar to earth, Luna and Celestia wouldn't have to push these heavenly bodies around everyday.

From my perspective, they have some talent that lets them interact with these bizarre, but likely necessary to life on Equestria, objects, but said objects have properties that don't necessarily mean both Celestia And Luna aren't necessarily so powerful they could simply apply enough levitational force to anything that was deemed a sufficient threat to hurl it into orbit, or even in the sun or something...

...Though that'd be fun to watch. :rainbowlaugh:

5996571 well with these kind of forces you don´t move an object, because the kinetic forces will generate so much heat that said object will just cum bust or explode...

And there is nothing in this story i would find bad. I really look forward to the chapter, its just since the second season being a princess in mlp means that you are absolutely useless in any kind of situation. And the ways Celestia and Luna are defeated by extremely pathetic means is just annoying me to death...And the way everyone is handling them with the hole "ohh the sun and moon are different" or "Physics are different there" blablabla but wen it comes to other characters like twilight who moved an Ursa miner the size of an house or Discords little chaos display no one classes them down, like you could make discord an weakling because everything he does can be explained via illusions...it is just unfair for the characters. Naturally in the show it has to do with the fact that it has to end on a lessen.
Celestia lost against chrysalis because of a lessen but still.

It annoys me ^^

but pls carry on with your story, it is very good so far

Well, this is going to be depressing. But I like it.

Inception Music plays in the backround?

I liked the action scene, through for a moment I didn't realize it had switched from Celestia's dream to the fight going on outside.

Curious how Cadence jacking into the illusion will affect it.

Sombra sighed. “Why did I agree to children when I already married one?”


Celestia's little family is so cute and so sweet and so adorable. And that just makes reading these cute, sweet, adorable scenes hurt all the more. :fluttercry:

Luna’s eyes stopped on an absolute massive tomb of a book. The Wheel and the Butterfly Saga…? What is this and how did Starswirl...


Luna gritted her teeth as she struggled to keep the massive metal item in the air. “Penny for your thoughts?!”

Chrysalis gave Luna a disgusted look. “I can’t believe you seriously just—”

:rainbowlaugh: Luna's been reading too many comic books...

“You didn’t really think it was going to be that easy, did you?” she asked as she cocked her head.

“You know, for a second there…” Luna paused to take a deep breath, “I believe I did.”

And then they pulled out samurai swords!

Twilight was usually a bastion of level headedness and logical thinking


“This is terrible, I can’t think straight at ALL! And every idea I seem to come up with seems like a good one no matter how many angles I try to look at it from.” Her eyes widened as realization hit her like a rainbow colored pegasus kicking a storm cloud. “This must be how Rainbow Dash feels all the time!”

OUCH! ICE burn!

Protect two catatonic ponies from a super-charged changeling queen while simultaneously making sure nopony comes in her

Of all the typos and grammatical mistakes you need to fix in this chapter, for the love of all that's holy, FIX THIS ONE FIRST. :twilightoops:


Got the typo. Thanks! :twilightsmile:

I am disappointed that Luna went for "penny for your thoughts" and not "the penny dropped." I expect better of you, Luna. Puns are important.


My lawyer apologizes for my erratic-brained hyperness. Little sleep and going to work has made this fimfic reader a bit too happy to read some nice fluffy scenes. Please continue to have a nice day. *fwump* :derpytongue2:

Twilight: "These pancakes are shaped like flying saucers!”
Rick: "Oh I get it! Regular pancakes are already shaped like flying saucers."

Poor Celestia. I wonder if she'll be interested in reaching out to Sunset Shimmer again after this.

Glad to see a fic that seems to somewhat accurately portray Chrysalis' power-levels when she's well-fed.

“Heh, of course!” Twilight said. “Just another day of saving Equestria from complete destruction!”

You have far too many of those, now that you mention it.


Twilight was usually a bastion of level headedness and logical thinking


Actually she is. The only real exception is when the fate of the world isn't on the line and Twilight creates her own problem is some way. I think the parasprites are the only physical problem, the rest just being in her head one way or another, and Celestia being involved if things aren't super dire instantly makes things ten times worse. But actually, she is usually a bastion of level headedness and logical thinking, but oh wow when she isn't she really isn't.

This is so sad... I'm actually getting an urge to write a fic where this cuteness is reality, just because I think Celestia's dream is so damn depressing.

I love the cuteness of the dream world nicely interspersed with the awesome action of reality. I love the Justice League episode this was based on. I hope this ends the same way that episode ends, with Chrysalis jacked up on Heart's Desire, and we get a brief and horrific glimpse of her perfect world.

What happens next please tell and when will sunset come in ?:fluttercry::applejackconfused:

I'm reminded of one of the later OAV's from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, where Fate has been sucked into the Book of Darkness, and it is making her live her idealized fantasy. There's a heart-wrenching scene where she's figured out it's a fantasy, and is telling the virtual reincarnation of the girl she was created in the image of that she has to go help her real friends. But you can tell she doesn't want to, and it's up to the imaginary sister to give her the strength to keep going, which is why she gives Fate her Device back.

I see a similar moment approaching, when Celestia's children give her the strength to go back out into the real world, and fight for as much of that happy ending as she can make for herself. Even if it hurts to do it.

Chrissie, you dun goofed. :pinkiecrazy:

Glad to see you back

Ok, did anyone else catch the DBZ abridged reference? Also...Twilight as gone full Rainbow Dash everypony, hide your foals, hide your mares, dis is gun' be GOOOOOOOOD!!! Also...yeah, not gunna lie, heart breaking for Tia here...and damn but that just ain't fair, period. Granted, I have problems with Celestia's character in alot of things...but this one? I feel for her something fierce. Well done making that a thing. Best of luck and looking forward to more.


Hilariously, DBZ abridged was actually referencing the dub in which Piccolo actually says that exact line after fusing with Nail. :rainbowlaugh:

Glad you're enjoying Celestia in this. The show very rarely shows us much of her outside the sort of sagely ruler of Eqestria. The IDW comics do give us a bit more to work with, though. Here, I'm trying to combine the two sources and really look at her desires while keeping in mind some pivotal moments she's had in both the show and comics.

Interesting that the dream would react by shifting that way.

And Chrysalis is 2 for 2, I see. That's about what I expected.
Twilight, of course, stands the best chance, since she's the one that cleans up all the Royal Sisters' messes anyway.

Can I do the happy filly Twilight dance of Yes? Well too bad, I'M DOING IT ANYWAYS!

:twilightsmile: YESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYESYES! :twilightblush:

I actually feel the most sorry for Cadance. "So in your perfect world Auntie, Sunset and Twilight are your daughters, you're married to King Sombra, and you still live with Luna.... But I'm no longer your student, and I live in a different city from you? Oh, well, good to know how you really feel about me then Celestia."

DBZ Abridged,much?:rainbowlaugh:

Man Chrysalis is getting a beating.

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