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On The State Of The Author · 6:39pm Jun 23rd, 2019

Long, long story.

  • HEALTH ISSUES-I'm not dying, or even in serious trouble. But, every time I have even the slightest nasal blockage, it becomes either a sinus infection or a bronchial infection in short order. I know what the issue is-years ago, I found out that I have a deviated septum. Juuuussssst enough to cause one side of my sinuses to drain less efficiently and if that passage gets inflamed in any way, no drainage from there, then backup, then infection...

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Thanks for faving The Anthropologist

We'll try not to disappoint :rainbowdetermined2:

Two things. 1)When is the next chapter of Dawn of Dusk Shine planned to be out? (And will it have a happy ending?) :scootangel: 2) After seeing your rant-blog, I think you and Reality Check would get along very well.

I was wondering if you are finishing We Three Alicorns?

Thanks for the fav on A Dangerous Sparkle! What's your favorite part?

1617690 You're welcome!

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