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Apple Bloom.
Sweetie Belle.

We see them every day, Crusading for their Cutie Marks. Going to school. Trying to be good foals and living a life with their families.

But, they possess a deep, dark secret. This secret is revealed one day, and all of Equestria is now in danger from a religious order that will do anything to call upon the Nightmare Moon.


Has a side story now in the form of Flutterhshy's Home For Inter-Dimensional Foal Sitting And Short Term Care.

Chapters (13)
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3988602 Continuing as fast as I can write...

Just curious if you secured permission on the picture -- that was initially done as a fan art for my fic (Discord's Parting Gift to the CMC) and while I have been somewhat remiss with updates of late it does not mean there won't be any more, and it will lead to confusion when I do get more chapters up. In fact I got permission from another author for something special for the 10th chapter of my fic which is part of why 8 isnt there now(10 is more interesting to mess with).

3988687 Nope, sorry.
Will take it down now.



i want more! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks -- note toxicmario recently did a comic with the CMC as alicorns -- maybe he would let you use the picture from it.

i can tots see why aj is pissed it gonna be awkward between her and mac now especially since that sibling love is going to probably change back into
liked and faved keep em coming

3988829 Oh, you have no idea how complicated it's going to get... :pinkiehappy:

3988746 Writing as fast as I can...

If it is a cmc alicorn story with no dislikes and lots of likes you have to read


*sits in corner of shame*

The last line.
That just killed me.


3989956 And, soon enough...you'll find out why. :pinkiecrazy:

The Mac/Jack thing is so out of left field, and Bloom could have claimed to be a cousin or something

Holy shit! Apple bloom what did you and the crusaders do this time???

3990678 Absolutely nothing!
Well, not yet...:twilightoops:

3990282 That will be addressed in a chapter.
Short version-four years old (about nine to eleven in human terms) and it seemed like a good idea at the time.

:rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::twilightoops:HOLY CELESTIA!!!! I can't wait to hear the explanation for this change to the CMC. But if they're Alicorns and still don't' have their cutie marks I'll actually be happier since it keeps things relatively the same, just more options for crusading and in all new places!!!!

:pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::rainbowhuh: Well, the relationship change between AJ and BM was a shocker!
I'm glad Rarity and Rainbow and stepping up to adopt and I hope Applejack realizes Applebloom made a mistake and is sorry about it and was going to explain things. Still glad the CMC don't have cutie marks, because Alicorns getting Cutie Marks is 2000% more awesome! :rainbowdetermined2::yay:

3992002 that last part of your explanation sounds perfectly reasonable to me
I like the police ponies, more of them please. Especially if they can catch some of the murderers and say, "You might have been involved in the murder of the mother of three very angry alicorn princesses and they're outside the door to this room waiting to talk to you. I hear the words blunt rusty spoon, giant cactus, asking Discord for advice, and if they should get Mr. Thingy to make you talk. Bear in mind these three think you might have killed their mom. I saw Mr. Thingy and I don't think I want to know what it does."

Add more to this from THIS PAGE and THIS ONE TO if you want to really make the twerps sweat.

This is exceptionally good. Nicely mind-blowing retcons. And I particularly loved Rainbow Dash and Rarity at the end of this chapter.

I don't get scootaloos cutie mark....

This was a beautiful chapter. Nice character development for the CMC. I particularly enjoyed Scootaloo's story, and resulting cutie mark.

I also enjoyed the discussion with the Princesses at the beginning of the chapter, particularly the side comments about the agreement going in both directions ("you will be fully within your rights to defend yourself, and escape"), and the general way in which the Princesses are interacting with the CMC reasonably as they would with mature adults.

3995161 That was one of the things that I have cast in stone when I wrote this story.
Everypony might hold the Idiot Ball at some point, but only Pinkie Pie juggles with them. :pinkiehappy:
I couldn't see the Princesses acting any other way with the CMC than reasonably.

Thank you for that. The alternative is a rather painful trope that plagues far too many CMC stories.


I don't get scootaloos cutie mark....


Guardian angel.


I am enjoying it. But you should correct some of the terminology that Apple Bloom uses. Any business that is “in the red” is losing money (although not necessarily financially unstable; important difference). Black is positive revenue, red is negative.

Unless “in the red” means “covered in delicious, red apples."

I like the interaction with the princesses. I love the CMC getting their cutie marks, now Pinkie has three more reasons to throw a party. I half expect her to appear out of some small space she couldn't possibly be in and throw a CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING YOUR CUTIE MARK party for the Crusaders. Scootaloo saving the little colt was by far my favorite, it's so her! Plus, I just read a fic where Scootaloo saved a little filly and both rescues make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


Interesting. Cant wait to read more.

well applejack got over that quick but enough to do the do?...onward with the story

Looks like Applejack is finally being honest with herself. I can't wait to see the sisterly reunion. :yay: I think a rendition of Apples to the Core would be appropriate as Applejack and Apple Bloom talk in private.

The entire time is was just singing;

It really fits, don't it?

4000483 Took about a month of her banging her head against the problem.

Painfully banging her head against it.

“And, how is Apple Bloom different from me, Applejack?” Big Mac asked.

That and it took a bit of clear thinking from Big Mac.

That line was brilliant, as was the metaphor of the pearl. Nice to see Applejack pull her head out of her plot.

4000902 I've always held that while Big Mac might not be the sharpest pencil in the box, he works the most consistently towards a solution and he will get there eventually. :eeyup:

I want those nachos!

Oh and great chapter btw. :yay:

4014504 Thank you, and yes, there will be nachos.

4014509 Your welcome! And Yay! Nachos! :yay:

Upon reading this I was getting cold chills down my spine:raritydespair:. This story is going to be very epic I can tell.

You know, I can't wait to see Rarity deal with any APHIDS that manage to get near her roses. I can just see her bashing in a few heads if the Nightmare Cult comes for Sweetie Belle when she's there. Add in Rainbow and Applejack... well I think the villains will find themselves in for a world of pain even before any Alicorns get involved, to say nothing of the Royal Guard.

4016597 Vengeance will be sweet.
And fashionably coordinated.

4015655 I only hope that I can turn those cold chills into fuzzy joy. :scootangel:

4018287 And 20% more awesome????? Or good old country justice, aka Shotgun to the face????

Ok can we have discord and fluttershy do that again occasionally?

4027742 What in particular?
Talk about multi-universal theory? :twilightsmile:
Get married? :pinkiecrazy:
Have dinner under a canopy of bodies? :pinkiesad2:
Baby-sit foals from other universes? :ajsmug:

4027786 theory and foalsit

Let's have her ask about cupcakes!

You know, I can totally get behind various versions of Discord sharing baby sitting duties of their kids. I can also see some idiot attacking the current caretaker and getting mauled by what was previously a group of happy children now turned into angry little hellions. The fact Discord was caught off guard about the CMC is a nice change, but I wouldn't mind seeing him pop up again with some helpful information for the case or something. Or bring the various alternate discord kids to meet the Crusaders, the evil cult will be expecting three alicorns, not a horde of chaos demi-diety-foals.

“Because, My sister has one very predictable thing about Her,” Princess Luna said sadly. “She will sometimes be so cunning that she tricks Herself.”

this, right here, made me lose it.

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