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Issues Going On, No Promises Made · 4:17pm March 21st

Long time since I've posted here, but I've been kept very busy the last four days or so.

TL;DR-On work furlough for at least three weeks, I did get one full paycheck coming next week. Past that, I'm burning my remaining PTO for my company's health care, which will last about five months-call it August/September before I have to pay the company for my healthcare every two weeks.

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On The State Of The Author · 6:39pm Jun 23rd, 2019

Long, long story.

  • HEALTH ISSUES-I'm not dying, or even in serious trouble. But, every time I have even the slightest nasal blockage, it becomes either a sinus infection or a bronchial infection in short order. I know what the issue is-years ago, I found out that I have a deviated septum. Juuuussssst enough to cause one side of my sinuses to drain less efficiently and if that passage gets inflamed in any way, no drainage from there, then backup, then infection...

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So, Nearing The End Of 2018... · 3:44am Jan 1st, 2019

And, between work, commute, the novel that I'm writing, and everything else, I'm lucky I can get things in like sleep or anything that could be considered "fun".

2018 was kind of a kick-in-the-nuts sort of year for me. It was not good.

But, there's some light at the end of the tunnel and I might actually think it's not an oncoming train.

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I'm Writing Again... · 6:27am Apr 1st, 2018

...just not Pony stuff right now.

Since about...call it the early part of December, I've been writing a completely original story. For those that are curious, it's very much a Magical Girl story...if it was written by David Drake.

So far, I'm up to about 68,000 words...and I'm at about a quarter through, I think.

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We Don't Have Net Neutrality... · 3:53pm Nov 22nd, 2017


Random Story Idea #1 · 12:21am Jul 25th, 2016

Still trying to get my writing mojo going. The problem is that I'm stuck in some ways. And, one of the ways that I'm stuck is that there are story ideas that are stuck in my head. To free up that idea, I'm going to write the Cliff Notes version and see if I can let this idea flow out for a bit.

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Still Not Dead (Yet) · 4:17am Jun 13th, 2016

Short version-been way too busy, too frustrated, and not funny enough to write stories.

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Not Dead (Yet) · 4:56am Apr 10th, 2016

Don't ask how my life has been.

It's been a lot of long, hard, frustrating slogs to finally get back to where I was about a year ago. Worse, it's not quite where I was a year ago, but slightly worse.

Throw in some health issues...yea, I'm behind on my writing.

But, I'm back in a place where I can write now.

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It's Like They Want Me To Only Have Headcannon · 5:31am Nov 22nd, 2015

I feel like I'm having to break up with somebody.

It's not you...well, it's you. Four seasons and there's been strong and weak episodes, but for the most part you've been a good series. But, in this last season, MLP:FIM, you've lost a lot of what I liked about you.

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It's...Mostly My Fault · 2:38am Oct 29th, 2015

Three months of apartment hunting, a move that shall live in infamy (I probably lost two friends for good because of it), a temporary living situation that is not ideal, and a new longer commute that takes me about two hours instead of one.

So, there hasn't been a lot of writing. I've been trying...but, hopefully soon things will settle down enough for me to get some real good writing in.

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