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One day, for seemingly no reason, every person on earth vanished. The beings left behind weren't people anymore, they were ponies. Left to wander, they were forced to scavenge to survive, dodging wild animals and starvation in the rotting carcass of industrial society. In time the buildings would turn to rot, the cars to rust, and the roads to forest. In time, new cities would form, gathered from the former-humans of old earth.

How will they survive in a world after people?

The Ponies After People group is dedicated to stories and conversation spawned by the story "The Last Pony on Earth." It is meant to be a central location for all stories set in that universe.

Those who want to add a story to this group may be interested in checking out this thread with all the canon information for the universe. This thread may contain spoilers for the original story, so make sure you read it first.

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Hi! I’m Just Looking For A PaP Story Can Someone Help Me Look For It? I Don’t Remember What It’s Called But Here’s The General Story, Human Wakes Up After End Of World Finds Other Person Holds Up In Walmart Renamed ‘PonyTown’. That’s All I Can Really Remember About It. Sorry For The Inconvenience But Could Someone Look For It?

Jesus Christ the spam

May I suggest a story about a recently returned train full of wind turbine parts that need to be recovered to provide electric power to Alexandria? Please take a look at this wind energy products site created by the BNSF railroad to give you an idea of what a train loaded with wind turbine parts looks like.

Wind Energy Products | BNSF

BNSF and wind energy

What cannon writers does Starscribe or the other authors here think Ponies After People authors should use as role models before and during writing their stories? Example, should we attempt to copy the creative style of Lauren Faust, Nicole Dubuc, Josh Haber, or one of the other authors who have written for this series?

While I was writing a reply letter for my “An open letter to Rapid Transit” post, I wrote this dialogue as an example.

Stallion returnee father speaking to post-Event born mare daughter: “I have to pay two days of my hard-earned wages for one pineapple? Those prices are disgraceful and outrageous rip-offs.”

Mare daughter speaking to father: “Dad, you do know that a couple of years ago, when the larger and faster Moriah class freight airships were introduced that pineapple prices fell about twenty percent? Mexico is a really long distance from our colony and we should be happy that we have opportunities to buy pineapples at all.”

This dialogue got me thinking: If a class of freight airships was named Moriah, after what other things such as bridges, cities, forts, schools, spells, parks, and ports could be named after the Founders of Alexandria?

Imagine that you are a returnee in our shared universe. That gives you several opportunities to rebuild post-Event civilization as you see fit. What aspects of civilization economic, political, and social would you keep and what aspects would you change? Then, write a story based on your answers.

Humans don’t like to eat bland food. Therefore, people are willing to pay much money to purchase spices for better tasting food. While the spice trade created wealth for many; it also inspired innovation in transportation and accelerated the exchange of knowledge. I once read that in US colonial times that the small Spice Islands in the Caribbean / British West Indies produced much more riches for Great Britain than all of Canada. Bringing into a European port one ship full of Caribbean spices made the investors much money. That’s why the spice trade has been and still is a driving force in exploration, trade, and creating wealth.

Imagine in the post-Event world your pony explorers, botanists, and merchants attempting to reestablish spice trade routes for adventure, fame, and wealth. Imagine if you were a returnee pony and you didn’t have black pepper, cinnamon, and many other common spices for seasoning your food. You then realize that the spice trade was established thousands of years ago and continued up to the moment of the Event. What if you and your friends attempt to reestablish a spice trade route, and then make a large fortune importing spices to sell to your fellow ponies and the members of the HPI that have only salt to flavor their food.

I have realized that I have not seen any Party Planning Ponies, which have special talents similar to Pinkie Pie or Cheese Sandwich in the main or side stories. To correct this injustice against Party Planning Ponies, our ongoing and future stories need returnees who are learning to be Party Planning Ponies!

According to this official Navy Internet post, the Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) had started a six-month humanitarian and civil assistance mission to Central America, South America and the Caribbean. As the Comfort left her homeport in April and the Event happen in May 23, 2015, someone should write one or more stories about the Comfort and how the crew readjusted to the post-Event world. Moreover, as their humanitarian mission just started, this ship would still have most of their medical supplies onboard and ready to use.

USNS Comfort Returns Home from Continuing Promise 2015 Mission

USNS Comfort (T-AH-20)

May I suggest establishing a colony at the Greenbrier luxury resort that is located in the Allegheny Mountains near White Sulphur Springs in Greenbrier County, West Virginia? There is plenty of water, large golf courses that can be turned into farmland, plenty of wood for building new structures, and the code named “Project Greek Island” bunker under the West Virginia Wing of the resort. A bunker designed to withstand a nearby nuclear blast will defeat nearly any enemy attempting to kill members of the colony.

By walking like a human, your characters can get from the front entrance hall of the resort east to the White Sulphur Springs Station that’s a stop on Amtrak's Cardinal route and beside a double track railroad in five minutes. Interstate 64 is east of the station, while the Westbound Welcome Center is about one thousand feet east of the station through a forest. If your characters want to live in a densely forested area that is away from a major city, then establishing a colony at the Greenbrier luxury resort is a great choice.


While the fall of the Western Roman Empire happened in 476 AD, 324 years after that world-changing event, Charlemagne became the first Holy Roman Emperor in 800 AD. For those that don’t know this, the Holy Roman Empire was created from a multi-ethnic composite of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages, which continued expanding and contracting until its dissolution in 1806 during the Napoleonic War. That also means that a nation titled by their people as a “Roman Empire” existed in Central Europe during the American Revolutionary War. If three centuries passed in Central Europe before another nation took up the name of the Roman Empire, why not have a new United States appear in our shared universe hundreds or thousands of years after the Event?

Survival caches for returnees who return to uninhabited areas

Located inside a fireproof and waterproof structure, such as a concrete or crystal box the size of a two car garage with a strong, metal door, a local Returnee Rescue Team builds survival supply caches for returnees that are more than a one day walk from established colonies and well-traveled trade routes. There will be several, sheltered pony carts to carry their equipment and/or ponies too young or injured to walk great distances. There will also be saddle bags, rain gear, and winter clothing for foals and adults.

Each supply cache will have maps marking the safest routes to the nearest friendly colony with descriptions of the area describing anyone or anything useful or dangerous, a survival manual written for the area, as well as large picture books intended for children that explain the Event and how to live as returnees as Dr. Seuss would have. While the returnee survival book that is written for adults is great for adults; I believe that children that return as foals would need a returnee survival book written for them.

Each supply cache would also contains first aid kits, food and water, a solar powered water purifier, three knifes, three multi-tools, three crystal radios, tents, non-flammable sources of light - such as glowing crystals on neck chains or hardhats, signal mirror, compass, soap and toilet paper for personal sanitation, fishing nets (for emergency fishing), whistle, surveyor's tape, a box of pencils and notebooks for leaving notes to rescuers about the returnees direction of travel and descriptions of the returnees, can opener, clothing repair kit, trash bags, tools for cutting wood for cooking and signaling, sturdy cord, hoof-powered LED type flashlight, and polarized sunglasses.

Lastly, after the returnees have arrived to a civilized colony, please have them inform the nearest Returnee Rescue Team that they have used one of their survival supply caches for it to be restocked with supplies for the next returnee or returnees to benefit from.

Where are all the party ponies? Where are our world’s returnees who are similar to pinkie pie or cheese sandwich? If you consider all the amazing things that party ponies can bring into existence, I argue that those with talent in planning parties and then making those party plans real are the most amazing ponies of all. Considering how dark many of the stories in our shared universe are, it would be refreshing to see one or two party ponies make an appearance and then give the story’s protagonists a great time with a great party.

No, it would only further the divide.

Being an optimistic thinker, I believe that the Event turning humans into several different species could bring about a new global identity. This would be an identity not based on national, tribal, or religious identity, but a collective harmony of different species similar to the existing Equestrian nation.

I also think it is possible that the human and post-Event nations could be combined as subdivisions within a one world government. That would be similar to the way that the individual thirteen American Crown Colonies joined together to become the United States.

I remember reading about an American journalist living in Japan as a foreign correspondent. Her favorite breakfast cereal is unavailable in Japanese stores. Yet, she misses that cereal so much that her parents send her boxes that contain six cartons of that cereal at a time. While expensive to mail boxes of cereal to Japan, that journalist loves to start her mornings with a breakfast that she loves.

Speaking for myself, I have at least one meal of Creamette ® Angel Hair pasta about once each week. If I didn’t have this pasta, I’d miss it. I might even go on a quest to find that pasta plant and then restart making my favorite pasta.

What type of food and/or drinks that your story protagonist loved as a human, but realizes that they may never again be able to buy as nobody makes it anymore? What could happen if a grocery store supply truck returns from the time stream and the truck holds a few boxes of that special food?


The type of government each colony would have depends upon the members of each colony. For example, in the ”Hearth's Warming Eve” episode it is true that Princess Platinum, the daughter of the Unicorn King shows us that the Unicorns had a monarchy government. Yet, Commander Hurricane shows us the Pegasus had a military dictatorship, while Chancellor Puddinghead shows us that the Earth ponies had a representative democracy.

Who could be the Ponies After People version of Captain Marvel?

As American film producer Kevin Feige said, “With Captain Marvel, she is as powerful a character as we’ve ever put in a movie. Her powers are off the charts and, when she’s introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we’ve ever had.” If Marvel Entertainment, no stranger to telling excellent stories, can introduce Captain Marvel into their movie franchise without worries, then we can introduce a similarly powerful protagonist character into our universe.

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