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Happy Hearth's Warming Eve! · 1:51am Dec 25th, 2013

Happy Hearth's Warming Eve, or Christmas if you prefer to call it that way.
Here, music that fits this beautiful holiday.

And thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you like the music.

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A new group dedicated to glorious Communism has come. Spread the word and join our herd:twilightblush:


I haven't had a chance to play much with it outside the demo, and that was ages ago.
Then when I could play it, GameShit decides to shut down...

1425403 Thank you, ever since I played the game I became intrigued by the universe and I'm doing my best to portray it.

You're welcome. It's nice to see some good HiFoE stories, especially crossovers. Biiiiig bonus for the interesting universe it's crossed over with.

Thanks for the fave!

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A portrait of me! Well, a portrait of every single Butt Ghost out there, actually. We all look the same.

Enjoy MisterMech's FoE masterpieces. He is the best FoE artist around! And the only one who can make a rotting ghoul pone look cute.