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The way I wrote Five Score was to only mention what happened to the mane six, but people are asking me what happened to all the hundreds of background ponies. Well, that’s where you guys come in. Anyone is free to write a side fic telling the story of what happened to some side characters or to your OC. The journey from normal human, to finding out you're a pony from the show can be a long, strange story to share. If you're up for the task and decide to write a little something something that fits inside the Five Score universe, well then let us know and post it here. Also, feel free to use the forum to organize thoughts and get an idea for what characters still need their story told.

Anyone is free to write! Here are some guidelines if you want to make the story fit in the universe better.
1) The setting of the story should take place on, or after May 1st, 2020 (the starting date in Five Score.)
2) The humans should be on their 25th birthday when they start to change
3) The transformation should be a gradual one, not instantaneous.
4) This one is really optional, but you may want to have the transformation order may follow the same basic timeline as the original story. I made a Google Doc here that lists the sequence of events.

That's it, the rest is up to you! Let's see how many characters we can cover between all these fics.

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My fic not the original XD

Planned? In the original fic? That's not in the original fic. The events of the TV show happened in Equestria over 25 years before the events of the fanfic, yes, but they did not happen when the episodes themselves were aired. The episodes are a retelling of the events that happened so many years ago, sourced from Twilight's memory. Unless you're talking about something else.

Five Score Divided By Four starts in the year 2020 or 2024 depending on which version you read. That's in the second paragraph of the first chapter. Friendship is Magic began airing in 2010 and ended in either 2015 or 2019 in the story, again depending on which version you read. I'm not sure how you're getting twenty-five years.

If you mean in your story, then that's fine. I'm confused because it sounds like you're correcting me.

The changing on 25 years after show was planned actually.


if that's possible as I don't want to age changing.

Really, a fanfic writer sort of has the freedom to write whatever they'd like! I just hope they like it, it makes sense to them and they're happy with the constraints they give themselves.

If you consider your story Five Score with some deviation from the guidelines instead of just inspired by Five Score, I'd say it belongs here! The guidelines are guidelines, not rules!

So that you don't get too many comments about your story deviating from the guidelines (which does have story-changing implications), I'd suggest you mention somewhere in your story's long description how it deviates. For example: "A Five Score story where people are changing twenty-five years after the show aired".

Based on that, I'm curious how your story idea would play out? Because once the source of the change is revealed, that means your story would have to be go in a different direction or offer a different explanation probably. The "turning into pony characters on your 25th birthday" is a hint at the true origin of the change, you know?

my story is about me and my 4 closest friends all changing at the same on Gen-4's 25 anniversary if that's possible as I don't want to age changing.

The original premise has all changes occurring on their 25th Birthday, as is defined by the curse. The Anniversary thing (See Dust in the Wind for...bending...those rules) perhaps could fit, but the main story is all about it being on the 25th birthday if you want to follow the same story. So long as its a part of the universe where 5/score exists its generally given a pass.

There’s 2 options must be 25 or it can happen on the 25th anniversary of something. I believe

Okie dokie.
Thanks for clearing that up. I got a little confused.

Now this is quite a difficult question. In the original series Anthro isn't something mentioned or detailed. Equestria Girls, though canon, is fairly vague as to the events only specifying that they mostly appeared human.

That being said we have discussed this with the other moderators (Alsey, Hyreia, and I) and referred back to the original rules.
1) The setting of the story should take place on, or after May 1st, 2020 (the starting date in Five Score).
2) The humans should be on their 25th birthday when they start to change
3) The transformation should be a gradual one, not instantaneous.
4) This one is really optional, but you may want to have the transformation order may follow the same basic timeline as the original story. I made a Google Doc here that lists the sequence of events.

Therefore, we have come to the conclusion that it couldn't be denied on the premise of the characters being anthro, especially as fitting directly within the canon universe is conflicted even among the more standard fics published in this group.

Our conclusion is yes, it is allowed. All we ask is that it meets the rules as stated and makes some attempt to fit within the existing 5 score universe.

Its great! Read it!

Just a small question.
Can anthro transformations count in this group?

Oooo, doctor whooves, that sounds pretty good.

Thank you for all the other recommendations!


Aww thanks!

Indeed most of the time fics are set in America, which at the very least makes them easier to connect to the main Five Score storyline. I'm probably missing some, but as for fics set at least in part in the UK, we have:

  • Five Score: A Velvet Nightfall, with one story arc (starting from chp.34 I think) taking place in England, and at its conclusion we're introduced to what will become New Poniesburge, the UK Equestrian settlement of the Shetland Islands. This plot point reappears near the end of Dust on the Wind, with the main characters visiting the settlement. In addition, even though they're mostly US-based, both fics also depict non-American locales regularly.
  • Five Score, Divided By A Different Time starts off in England, before going all timey-wimey.
  • Summer break, with much at stake is also set in the UK.

Oh, and for the wider European setting, we also have Germany with Planes, Plans and Pony Music!

Always nice to have some Europe love, I can't actually think of any fics set in the UK. Obviously wings of a different kind isn't US based but outside of that all the 5s/4 fics I've read were US or rarely Canada based.

Anyways, I'll have to give your fic a read when I've got the time, it sounds fascinating!


(Ack, self-promotion – my greatest weakness..!)

In short, A Prench Tale is the story of three people going through the Five Score curse, each reacting to this drastic change in a different way, from acceptance to rejection, and trying to survive in a world once familiar now turned hostile.

In less short, this story explores the ramifications of the transformation for the characters themselves, their friends and families, and the society around them. The narrative is unfolding in an episodic manner with successive story arcs, and it is relatively slow-paced and character-driven. Volume 1 is completed, including the first four arcs, with Volumes 2 and 3 to come in the near future. As it focuses on an European context, which hasn't been touched upon too much by other sidefics (except for the UK and brief mentions here and there), A Prench Tale doesn't cross over with most US-based fics yet (however some later portions of the fic, as well as the sequels, will also deal with post-Discord Equestria).

I'll have to check your story out tho, what's it about?


Concerning post-wedding Five Score content, you're quite right; to my knowledge there's not that many fics that fit the bill.

The Epsilon Pegasus is the only one that comes to mind. It's a sequel to Dust on the Wind, set 25 years after the original story and thus 20 years post-wedding, exploring how the human world has evolved in the presence of ponies and magic. It's been, unfortunately, on hiatus for some years.

It's still possible that some on-going 5s/4 stories could also include post-wedding content, eventually. We'll have to wait and see what the various authors have planned for us! Mine definitely will, but that's not going to happen any time soon...

I'd heard about the fimfiction ban on 5s/4 side stories but never new it came so swiftly if I'm entirely honest.

As for the other reasons you brought up that does make logical sense to me, plus I suppose it would explain why some stories just got dropped when they realised that the characters they were writing about had a predetermined ending due to the climax of the original 5s/4.

What I have to confess still interests me is I haven't seen a epilogue that is after the 5s/4 wedding epilogue, most seem to be around 2.5 years after the story ended (last crusade for example has its epilogue when the portal first opens up again)


There's probably a variety of reasons, as many as there are fics and authors, but if I had to guess, the main ones would be:

  • The typical Five Score narrative needs time to unfold, which can be a significant commitment for a writer (several completed or still on-going 5s/4 fics went over the 100,000 words mark). The initial transformation itself lasts for about four in-story days (and that's without counting any potential pre-transformation events), and the set end point described by the first story comes two weeks (updated version) to one month (original version) later – depending on writing style and level of detail, this can become a discouraging prospect.
  • Most incomplete side-stories debuted one to three months after the first Five Score chapters were published, but were abandoned before the original fic got to its third act, about half a year later – meaning the authors of these side-stories may not have had a clear conclusion in mind when they started out, which can be less motivating to keep on writing. Some other side-stories were abandoned shortly after the original Five Score story reached its conclusion, maybe because interest waned as a result.
  • As mentioned above, most side-stories came up during the initial 5s/4 craze, the story proving very popular, the setting and clear transformation rules almost begging other authors to explore the narrative with various characters. Maybe for many authors the transformation bit itself was the main focus, rather than the universe and its story, so there just was no more impetus to push the narrative forward after the transformation part was done with.
  • The now un-enforced FimFic ban on new 5s/4 side-stories, which came about five months after the original fic began, may have dulled enthusiasm for continuing stories and for the universe as a whole.

As for completed Luna or Celestia fics, I don't know of any unfortunately. However, a bit like with the Earning Wings of a Different Nature situation you described, Celestia and Luna kept having cameos in other side-stories set further down the timeline, with for example Luna in later parts of Dust on the Wind or Celestia at the beginning of Civil Patrol: A Five Score Tale.

When most of these fics are left incomplete is there a reason for it?

wings of a different nature were left incomplete yet seemingly has its conclusion in the last crusade, yet there are others which just stop.

on that note are there any completed Luna or Celestia fics? I remember starting reading one which was paired with a companion Celestia fic but they both were abandoned

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