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A group to help organize all the side fics and other projects associated with Five Score, Divided by Four

The way I wrote Five Score was to only mention what happened to the mane six, but people are asking me what happened to all the hundreds of background ponies. Well, that’s where you guys come in. Anyone is free to write a side fic telling the story of what happened to some side characters or to your OC. The journey from normal human, to finding out you're a pony from the show can be a long, strange story to share. If you're up for the task and decide to write a little something something that fits inside the Five Score universe, well then let us know and post it here. Also, feel free to use the forum to organize thoughts and get an idea for what characters still need their story told.

Anyone is free to write! Here are some guidelines if you want to make the story fit in the universe better.
1) The setting of the story should take place on, or after May 1st, 2020 (the starting date in Five Score.)
2) The humans should be on their 25th birthday when they start to change
3) The transformation should be a gradual one, not instantaneous.
4) This one is really optional, but you may want to have the transformation order may follow the same basic timeline as the original story. I made a Google Doc here that lists the sequence of events.

That's it, the rest is up to you! Let's see how many characters we can cover between all these fics.

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I was only recently bitten by Bronycanthrope, and stumbled across the Five Score arc through the Stargate Fic.
I've read through some of the Five Score stories (a pity a lot of the really good ones never got finished, but Life happens), and thoroughly enjoyed them.
Just wanted to ask though, is it still permissible to attempt a 5SDB4 arc, or is this akin to thread Necromancy.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated,

It's sad to see how many of these were never finished

I got permission from Fluffle Puff to include her in my Five Score story: Five Score: Discord and Her Side of the Story

huh, you know, someone should make a five score divided by four Fic of 3 people Turning into the pony versions of The Dazzlings: Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze.

390960 Yeah, but you are a writing machine. You produce words at a massive rate.

The google.doc is offline, and while things have relatively cooled down, if it might be brought back up I would be rather grateful for the information.

[edit: information found, my thanks to fellow users of this group.]

390971 Yep, in general i average 5kish. though mines a mix of adventure and slice of life.

390960 oh yeah, any adventure fic worth it's salt should be at least 30k words. After all, 30k is maybe 4 good-length chapters or 10 really short chapters. (considering most chapters average about 5k-9k words each. Short chapters are usually 3k-5k.)

377189 30k words is nothing :) i started my fan fic about 20 days ago and i'm already at 65,000 words.

378624 I would like to see more of the Ibex and zebra worlds, maybe some of the zebra are from Zecora's herd?

I was going to write a story about the Buffalo characters Chief Thunderhooves and Little Strongheart. They are from the Over A Barrel episode. They live on the outskirts of Appaloosa, near the Mild West area.

The deer can be from white tail woods and maybe have seen the Running of the leaves (the race applejack and rainbow dash competed in in Fall weather friends).

How about a conversion bureau story of which got meshed with 5*20/4 or in other words 5*5
Maybe it won't work :facehoof: but it is a start
(Please note 20 = 1 score).
Worries, concerns? Respond to this post

So I am confused by the five score thing.

I am writing a fic with a bunch of species (Ibex, Deer, Zebra, Changeling, pony, human, and alot more) and I also want to add a new faction. Minecraft Villagers.

Would this be considered five score? An is it okay for me to add a kingdom of Minecraft Villagers? (the humans are part of the world, they have their own empire by the way.)

If anyone could help a poor, lost, possibly mentally unstable pony that would be great!

Also, for potential sidefic authors, be aware that FimFIc has limited 5S/4 story submissions.

To be approved, they either have to be complete or (I think) 30,000+ words. Something like that.

372698 I know about The Original story, and thanks for clearing up the OC part, I should be set, thank you for your help.

372697 Original characters are allowed, since this alternate universe is based on the premise that Discord was involved in banishing the ponies to earth as humans.

On their 25th birthday, the humans gain a cutie mark of the pony they are to end up becoming. Some end up as Pegasi, some as earth ponies, and some as unicorns.

In Twisted Spectrum's story, Evan, David/Anon, Fiona, Tess, Harry, Jack, and Tom end up as the Mane 6, and the brother of Applejack, Big McIntosh.

Cyborg Samurai is writing a story about the Cutie Mark Crusaders, along with Babs Seed, the cousin of Apple Bloom.

372696 Nice, mine might be a colab with a friend of mine, with our OC's.

Is the OC part allowed?

372695 Yeah, that's fine.

I did my story like that. It's about a family who end up becoming closer as pegasi.

My other story has a little unicorn filly who is being helped by her older cousin. Along the way, she meets her missing classmates from school, who have become some of the Ponyville school children.

372694 Ok, I was planning on doing a story simmilar-ish to the original story, in terms of events, 25th birthday, cutie mark, ears, tail, ETC, and go all the way to the epic battle as my OC, if that's allowed.

372692 I think you can work on your story. If you need help, you can ask the other authors or post ideas in the forums. I'm sure some one can help you get your story up and running.

Some events you can include are:

Sonic Rain Boom over Iowa
Explosion in Vancouver (Twilight Sparkle's magic)

Meeting the Mane 6 and other ponies at Applejack's farm, along with the other ponies.

The discovery of the Mirror Portal at the site of the former Canterlot high school

The epic fight for equestria

372691 Oh, alright...

so theres a limit of 30000 words?

darn... kind of wanted to make a full on story, from human on earth to Pony on Earth to Pony back on Equestria.

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