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TF = Transformation--A story where a human finding himself turning into a pony.
TG = Transgender--A story where someone's gender is changed via magic.

TF/TG = Stories where a guy finds himself turned into a mare, usually against his will. Or, a girl that turns into a stallion. Either way, sexy times often (but not always) follow such a body change.

Who wouldn't want to read about a guy trapped in the body of a cute little mare, and learning first hand what it means to be one? :trollestia:

NOTE:New admin here. Just to clear up any confusion, this group is for stories that include BOTH transforming into another creature/species, and a gender swap.
MAINLY humans becoming ponies/griffions/etc and switching gender along the way. Stuff like Fluttershy turning into a male dragon though I also feel fits the theme of the group and I at least won't be removing those stories.

Stories that deal with something like Shining Armor becoming a mare, don't fit the theme here. As the note below this one says, there are already groups for that.

Note: There is already a well established group for Transformations. Stories added to this group are for TF/TG, which means stories here should have emphasis on transformations that include gender flipping.

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Comment posted by Proper-Noun deleted Nov 1st, 2021

Would anyone like to RP?

Is there any way to remove a story you accidentally put into a group?

check out this collab for transformations into the Equestria girls universe characters through that shady merchant trope. humans go to Bronycon and buy an enchanted item from merchant. It transforms them into the canon mlp character for Equestria girls and then sends that newly transformed person as that character, displacing the real character. Now the new character must blend into the school and take on the role of a teacher at CHS (like Cheerilee) or as a student (the school children to the older mane cast like fluttershy) or as the rival school, Crystal Prep academy run by Principal cinch and dean cadence,

we have discord server!

If you like Five score, divided by 4 series, you will like the Lavender heart universe!

In this ongoing series, humans who share a special connection to a canon mlp character or their pony OC get transformed into an anthro version of that canon mlp character or their oc, whether it be a Pegasi, a unicorn, or an earth pony. We even accept the new characters, like Yaks, reformed changelings, buffalo, and donkeys, as well as Hippogryph/seapony, dragon, or griffons.

anthros of harmony
three of the mane 6 need new writers for their story, as told from their pov; Rainbow dash, Fluttershy and Rarity

also needed are apple bloom, babs seed, big McIntosh, Granny smith, and most of the canon apple relatives, as well as Mr. Rich, Spoiled rich, diamond Tiara, silver spoon, and many of the school children and their teacher, Ms. Cheerilee. I have opened the story to include the season 8 characters and those from the mlp movie like Capper, the storm king, Grubber, and Captain Caelano and her crew, as well as Queen Novo and Princess Skystar.

... That banner is utterly horrifying

Comment posted by detectivecain deleted Mar 6th, 2018

Here you go 1000 members, joined a couple of minutes ago :3

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


340578 There are currently two ways to add a story, you described how to do it from the story page.
You could as easily do it from the group page.
In which case you click stories, folder and subfloders, then add from the droplist.
Depending on if you are adding a single story to multiple groups, or multiple stories to a single group, one will be more convenient than the other.
Just as you may like to read up on the group page what rules and preferences apply, before putting the story up.

twisted spectrum man... you one of den last good writer on the sinking ship that is fimfic i see all we can do is grab what we need and hold on to it for as long as we can you chose popularity... wise but unhealthy you've got a long way to go but frankly there aint much time left my friend

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364721 thank you. Again, I compliment you on an excellent story and wish you the best:heart::heart:

He charges from 15 to $30 per pic, most people end up buying a series of pictures at a time.

Check him out here, all his prices and stuff are listed. Just send him a message if you want to commission anything.

339711 how much does he charge for a pic or two? I've got PLENTY of money. (I have seven Emmy award winning novels and make 56 thousand dollars each book yearly, leading to a grand total of 392 thousand dollars yearly all in all, so I think I'm good on this aspect) and also, I would like to ask... can I have a hard cover copy of five score divided by four?:twilightsheepish: You've really out done yourself and I would love to compliment you all night, but I'm tired and have an upcoming thing this Thursday to get ready for so I'm short for time. Love your book and I'm glad to see some quality writing still out there in the world of video games and all that brain killing nonsense.:twilightsmile::heart::heart:

Wow, never thought five score divided by four would get as much attention as it did. Congrats!:heart::heart:

340578 :pinkiehappy: Well that explains why it wasn't working. Thanks!


However when I go to add stories it gives me a dropdown of the stuff I've written and an add story button

:trixieshiftright: What? That's not how you normally add stories to groups.

Step one: Go to a story.For this example, please click on this one.

Step two: Go down to that action bar right below the chapters. It's right above the comments box. It's directly below word count that says 139,065 words total. You should see three icons there. They do the following: 'Statistics', 'Report Story', and an icon that looks like a folder.

Step three: Click that folder icon, that's how you add stories to groups. Now just select the group from the left, click click click, and you're done, its in the group. :twilightsmile:

340143 :rainbowhuh: Yeah it just shows the leave button for me so I can only assume I joined. However when I go to add stories it gives me a dropdown of the stuff I've written and an add story button. :fluttercry:

Maybe I have to leave and rejoin :pinkiecrazy:

-Edit: Leaving and rejoining did not help :fluttercry:

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