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Well alright, so, this group is purely for the interest of humans becoming ponies. That's it, that's the only requirement. It doesn't matter where or how said human becomes a pony, just that they do. The reason I made this group is because some of my favorite fan fictions are where a human becomes a pony. Some are where they go to Equestria, some stay on Earth, and some appear to go to some sort of alternate reality.

I recommend greatly that if you decide to add a fan fiction to this group, that you put it in the main folder once, and in one of the Area folders that explains where it most takes place in, and if it applies, in one other folder that relates to your story.

There are rules, and breaking them can lead to a ban:

1. All stories added must have ponifed humans, there can be one or the whole population of Earth, just make sure that they are ponified.

2. This is not a Human in Equestria group, there already is one, so don't post humans staying in their human forms in Equestria

3. Kindness goes a long way, especially when it helps others, so no snide comments or putting people down from writing.

4. It doesn't matter how dumb you may think your idea feels, you may surprise yourself if you write it down. Plus people can give you helpful pointers and critiques that can help you if you decide to write down your idea. (Just don't forget to enjoy it, that's the whole reason we write, isn't it?)

Explanations for each of the folders;

The "Area" folders are for if the Ponified-human stays on Earth, goes to Equestria, or ends up in some sort of alternate reality such as in one of my favorite fan fictions, First Pony View.

The "Rule 63" folder is where if the pony-turned human has gone from being a man to a mare or a woman to a stallion.

The "Crossovers" folder is where if the ponified human is from a tv show, movie, game, or book, they would go under this category for it is a crossover with MLP and something else.

The "Dark/Grimdark" folder is for if there is some sort of negative feeling throughout the majority of the story. Not all end in tragedy, but it is an often theme with these categories.

The "Second Person" folder is for stories that are written in second person narrative. Most people don't know what second person narrative is or just don't like it. Second person point of view is where the main character is You, the reader. To some people, this ruins or damages a way someone looks at a story, but to some, such as myself, it enhances the story and makes it feel as if you are actually a part of it. If a story is written comp;letely or only partially in second person POV, you may add it here.

If you think I need to add another folder such as a new Area folder for some place like, Mars or something, don't hesitate to comment and tell me what it is. If I find it reasonable, I will add it in. I am aiming to get as many of the Ponified Human stories in one place as I can with it being easy to navigate and find a certain story that may be here. If you find a story that falls under the requirements, ask the author if it is okay to add their story to this group. Also, I am aware of the group, Pony-Humans. There is a difference between my goal and the goal of that group. Unlike them, I have multiple folders to hopefully help readers find a specific type they want.

Also, if you have any question, feel free to write a comment below, or if it's more private, you can just send me a private message.

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Sooo, what if the human/humanoid can control or semicontrol which form they are in? If that dont count I'll either drop it or GTBO. :moustache: :twilightblush:


So, just to be clear, you recommend putting it into the main folder, appropriate area folder, and a third folder if it fits? One story, up to three spots?

all it takes is that one born human ends up as a Poni?
if so, I'll slip a few stories over here .. :pinkiegasp:

The group where humans aren't pushovers

Please add and join to this group if you want stories where the human isn't a complete doormat!

Your fine with English moving to America from Russia is hard for me then again I can curse in Russian and no one knows what I'm saying.(ps I would post a face here if I could find them on my iPhone)

Well I've never really thought about other sentient beings because I create the group with modern day in mind. If you have a sentient character become ponified, then you may post it here. if it's fey, dwarf, demon, or dragon, as long as it can react to it's change in appearance from their original state to a pony, then I'm going to allow it in the group. Also your English is better than quite a few people I know who have English as their only language.

:ajbemused:Not only humans can be ponified. What about dwarfs, twi'leks, demons and so on? Sorry for my bad english.

Shall I be the first to post that this is a great group here?:derpytongue2:

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