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Flippin' eck' Where has the time gone? · 8:46pm Apr 21st, 2016

It's 2016. April to be exact. I'm in College and planning for University. This is insane. Where has my life gone where fast-track is the new norm? I'm not entirely sure, but let it be known, you guys still shaped it. I may have changed a lot in the time I've been gone. But let it be known the lessons you guys taught me are what that knowledge is based upon.

I'm almost afraid to read in case the memories of the fun I've had here will go if I 'update' them with my new thinking.


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I used to keep an Internetometer here, since I am so inactive however I have removed it for the time-being.

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*internet given, for no reason whatsoever*

to blend in with the cats and try to gain trust, they became big blue cats with living hair. To blend in with ponies they have to become ponies.

Hmmm... Interesting. However why would they go for ponies when they were trying to blend in... A brony on the science staff?

I gave you an internet, and I shall give you an idea for a story now. Avatar. The movie with the big cats, instead of turning into big cats, they turn themselves into ponies to control that world.

P.S. If it was you that gave me an internet thanks:pinkiehappy:

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