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Jake Witt

I'm not just reading. My stories have "idea" but no "form" or "function". I'm just an armored guy riding a Robot Dino-Dragon; fighting a dark paradox man thing. I don't remember if I'm a robot.


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What I am Reading.

Displaced Stories

Welcome to My Hole in the Ground. I Like to Call It "the Pit" enjoy.

This is where you are important and I am not.

To Those Who Care... or stalking me. I digress,

My online name JAKE JAMES WITTerson. In all honesty... it is not completely my real name. My initials JJW are true as well as my middle name James. I'm the web equivilant of Bad Luck Brian.

If we are to communicate: call me whatever you want.

-My pokemon (due to "Mystery Dungeon" and coincidence with playing cards) is Totodile.
-In Home Stuck I am the Mage of Space! Also I'm an Asymmetrical Prospit dreamer!
-In Harry Potter I'm in Hufflepuff!
-In Clue I am Mr. Green...
-My NES character is Rock a.k.a. Mega Man!
-I have a single orange lightsaber (my morals are complicated) and I might not be on the dark side. I brush it, but I'm not on that side. When I god tier I might have a green lightsaber (there are times where I have greater wisdom than my usual character dictates. In that case I'm either funny or insightful).

This video speaks to me.

Lego Movie: 2AFD78


Samurai Jack has ended... · 1:16pm May 22nd

And there's an Extra Thicc hole where it used to be. Great send off...

When it comes time... will MLP:FiM get a send off or a cliffhanger? Time will tell.

Speaking of time: Did anybody see the Season 7 episode that had Celestia and Luna switch places? I swear the snuck in some sweet things during the dream scene.

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Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the fav!

2272815 I thought it was funny. I mean... I cracked.

That... was a bad pun:rainbowlaugh:

2272602 That sounds like both a cool job and a pain in the glass.

I make windows :derpytongue2:

Though regrettably i havent had a saturday off since the fourth of july

2271078 I've been staying up some nights to help my dad grade papers and drive home safely back to Maypearl from Arlington.

Heh, ive been working nights since last November myselt

2269814 I have nothing to do and if I find something then it's either already done or I need to wait for approval. Thanks to the US Treasury I don't need to work as long as I pay the water bill but I want to work.

So far it's been good; I finally grew that mustache people were egging me on to grow.

  • Viewing 76 - 85 of 85
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My Top Displaced In "the War of Understanding"

I have an ambitious wiki page that is useless.

If you see this, go wild. The project doesn't matter anymore.

I am working on a wikia and need some serious help! The War of Understanding is the topic and if you are fans of Auric Fulcrum or Teridax, you guys are welcome to add whatever!