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Like many fillies without a cutie mark, Trixie finds herself feeling aimless and unsure of herself. Naturally, she dreams of something big and hopes it has to do with magic. But the lessons at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns are difficult and some of her fellow students are relentless in their bullying.

While pondering how exactly she is meant to discover her special talent, she meets a creature who seems to wield a great and powerful magic and has an answer to every question, especially the odd ones. And especially the ones Trixie never asked.

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 67 )

That was a really cute and comfy little story. Glad I read it.


I'll comment with more than just love later once I read all of it.

On a scale of worth to worth I'd have to say it's beyond worthy of a read

When I let the text read to me on my phone it gives fingers an accent so it's like sprinkle finguas instead of finger and it's hilarious I spit my drink out listening to it

Just started this but I'm enjoying it!

I came looking for comedic relief
All I found was a masterpiece filled with feels

It's adorable and when thinking of anonymous I can't help but think of Merlin from the sword in the stone

This was such a nice story from start to finish. It's such a light read, but in the good kind of way. Like, get rid of the ponies and it's probably the kind of short story I would have loved to read in elementary school, but that would still bring a warm feeling to my heart in adulthood.

This would have been enjoyable if you had bothered to write a pony/pony story instead of one with a stupid meme character that can't be taken seriously at all.

If you knew you wouldn't like it having Anon, why bother?

because i wanted to see if it was a good story with anon or a bad story with anon
it was a good story with anon, and it would be an amazing one without him

I'm glad you think so highly of this story that you think it could be amazing with a character change. But I used him for a particular reason, the name.

that's fair
i apologize for how cuntish i came off as

"No, no. I'm far too immature for that.

lol.. love this cooky old man

I really enjoyed this. Honesty I was going to make a quip about how the only disappointing thing about it was how it was over too quickly, but well made short stories have their place and sometimes mean more than those of epic length.

Right in the feels :fluttershyouch:

"There's powerful magic in a swear."

No truer words spoken

Good Shit... Real Good

I've read a lot of stories on this site. None, in my opinion, match this little gem. It's short, it's dense, and more often than not I rarely consider such things to be part of a good story. Perhaps a small children's tale or vignette. But this was something else. This story covers, what, a week in story time? And yet I've never seen so much great character development and or been so hooked with every word. Not a single word was wasted, as far as I'm concerned, because from start to finish I was entertained and immersed in the story.

Good job!

i agree. he should've went with the name Derek. :trixieshiftright:

I really liked this. I hope that something like this comes again somehow. Anyway, good story. You've earned a follow! :pinkiesmile:

I enjoyed this story. Very well done :twilightsmile:

very well done I haven't read such a touching story in a long time

Wait, is he a ghost or what? How did the teacher know about him? Was he a spirit?

Aw that's sad, she did not even get to celebrate with him.

this is a really good story i would like more because i want to know what would happen if anon popped up during trixies time with starlight

So, he teaches her to do things The Pinkie Way?

And so the student has become the teacher and the cycle continues. :scootangel: This was a truly endearing story. I can see this as something a grandparent tells their grandkids before bed. Amazing work and well done. :twilightsmile:

"They are on fire, and the gas smells dreadful."



I wonder who is that "she" who "doesn't like when he forgets to stick with the laws of physicals".
Because if it was "he", I'd say it is Discord, because he's simply jealous.

In other words, take levels in Sorceress, not Wizard. Got it.

I hear Master Oogway as the voice so far. Interesting so far. :eeyup:

Hah, very entertaining chapter. Anon is immortal! He feeds off both the positive and negative. As long as there are fans and haters he will live. :eeyup:

Aw, that's bittersweet...

While I'm having trouble believing this filly grows up to be the mare who used the Alicorn Amulet, I have to admit that she's a fast thinker.

Maybe this guy turns into Discord?

This was short and amazing. While I can't really see where this would connect to the show, it does provide a very good backstory to Trixie. Aside from some small grammar errors, there really isn't much I would change aside from how it leads to the show. All in all, a wonderful story to be read in an hour. 9.5/10

Then she forgets all about the rule she just set once she grabs a bit of cake, an apple, a bowl of salad to snake on later,

Think you mean 'snack'.

Short, sweet and I loved every second. Thank you for this story.

But discord is already in stone.

That was awesome! Truly amazing. Very heart warming, a little sad at the end, but capped off with wonder.

Cover art is adorable.

This was a really nice story. Sweet, sad, and a bit heartwarming at the end, It makes me hope she gets to see him again one day. :pinkiehappy:

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