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This story is a sequel to Belly Rubs in Pony Prison

[WARNING: Contains ear scratching, hugs, and blushing cheeks]

Anonymous is sent to jail for his most heinous crimes of first degree meanness, there he finds doing a few favours for those around him will allow him to live a comfortable life.

A sequel to Belly Rubs In Pony Prison, not required reading to understand however.

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Not a sequel I expected, but one that I welcome all the same.

Is the pony in the picture meant to look like Littlepip?

As far as I'm aware no, she was designed by the Anons in the Pony Prison threads on /mlp/


Awesome! I'd hoped to read more of these two!

Anon is such a cuddle slut and all the mares love it.

first degree meanness

First degree implies that the act of "meanness" was planned and premeditated.
I can almost imagine Anon sitting in a dank apartment drafting out plans to be a dick to some random pony cashier who didn't give him the right change or something.

At the rate he goes, if all the guards are looking for favors, and all the other guards know the others are doing it, most likely it would make its way up to the warden, and then they'd probably want some, too, mare or not. At that point, he probably should just be a paid, live-in stress-relief counselor for the staff.

Personally, you might want to mark this as T considering the sensuality of it... :rainbowlaugh:

A good way to start off 2021 man

Pluie #9 · Jan 1st, 2021 · · ·

Nice, never thought there'd be a sequel. Always great to have more pone prison.

She takes a finger into your mouth, deep.

into her mouth?

This was adorable all the way.

By the power of Hands, he has the cuddles!!! :pinkiecrazy:

gruel not grool, unless it's supposed to be a brand name like 'Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel' (9 out of 10 orphans can't taste the difference).

I really, Really want to see where this goes... Now I just wanna know more

If belly rubs and whatnot are this lewd in this universe, then I can't really comprehend how these ponies would breed :) saying the word "sex" might make everyone faint.

Or, plot twist: sex is a completely casual and normal thing to discuss. It's just the ear scratches that make everyone stammer and blush.

Good, very good.

Anon might be the strangest prison man whore I've ever read about but I cannot argue with the results. Man could own the world by opening up a massage parlor or something similar. Cheap rates because they'll always have the craving.

He claims mare's souls and makes them his slaves.


Shoot, at this rate, before the sentence is up, Anon will get transferred to the Canterlot Castle Prison so both Princesses can keep a very personal eye on him. With the daily visits and more "favors for favors" in his fully furnished cell. It's heartwarming how attentive they can be... although why they walk funny after being with Anon for an hour is rather peculiar.

Anon, prison slut.

Stocks for head pats, belly rubs, and good-pony compliments has never been higher

Interesting, I liked it. Well done!

A year can't come fast enough!
Man is going to have a big cuddle harem when he gets out!

Sequel! Best things come in three!:moustache:

Now this is super adorable and surprisingly saucy as well! Gotta say, everything in this fic is simply super enjoyable and a marvelous experience to have! I hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading of this jailbreaking story! I also apologize for how late my comment and stuff was!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/nngdxopd5nk

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

went from rated E to rated T so the next one better be rated M

Thanks for that, I look forward to the reading.

The only thing I don't like about the story is the chapter title "The First and Last Sequel" :rainbowwild: Seriously it needs a continuation, I love stories that originate in this kind of cartoon absurd and then grow on it.

So lewd! Almost as lewd as handholding. But not that lewd of course. It’s only rated T.

Comment posted by Crazy_Balloons deleted Jan 6th, 2021

I think at this point everything I do is based on a whim, after all the originals only chapter is called first and last too. Give me 4 or something years.

Anon, The Bringer of Happiness :-)

I'd say the end was suggestive, but we all know it's anything BUT sexual.

The end reminds me of a Chris Brown song but I can't remember which one

I... How did a story about affectionate petting make me uncomfortable?

Now this story in Russian: at Ficbook multifandom site and at Ponyfiction!

OH, COME ON!! .mp3

how is such a story possible? you turned an act of affection into adult content, incredible but I'm confused

... dafuq did I just read? :D

Well these were two cute little stories

You ruined this story by making it sexual

And then.... They cuddled!

What is a Pony? (throws his prison pillow to the floor) A miserable little pile of cuddles. But enough talk... Hugs at you!

If there is a story like that it would be more of a comedy since so much chaos can be done by just walking down the street saying the word to make ponies faint :rainbowlaugh:

Needs some help from an editor, otherwise the story is fine.

Let's be real here, the story was already sexual. Still, a pretty unique premise

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