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Caramel decides to take Anon out drinking. It doesn't quite work out. A bittersweet look at a more grounded RGRE.
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

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A great one as always.

This didn't have any purpose dude, not any lesson, no plot, sorry dude, this jus just the beggining of a story and you didn't finished the first chapter, or its feel that way.

Welp, that was depressing.

It might help to know the context in which it was written. I've seen a number of ugly anon stories where he turns out to be amazing at sex, or some mare has a taste for what he thinks makes him unattractive. Those are fine, but I wanted to write a take on the idea where the conflict isn't solved in the bedroom, but in the heart of a well-adjusted person with good friends.

W-what do you m-mean I wouldn't be a monkey s-sex god in Equestria?! :raritydespair:

Y-you're wrong! :raritycry:

For real though, this is a very sobering take on the usual RGRE story. It's a refreshing, if a bit depressing, perspective on the genre. Nice.

Ah well, what happens, happens. And what doesn't, doesn't! Yay for friends though at least.

I enjoy vignettes from RGRE. That said, this shouldn't have the comedy tag.

Good point. Edited.

This...made me cry a little. I really felt for Anon. Nice work.

I do have one question: What are the traits of a stallion in an RGRE world supposed to be?

Aside from mares being the one to ask him out, Caramel doesn't seem to show any...daintyness.


Well, that's how it should be, whether you're attractive (for humans) or not.

There are human women who go to bars to hook up with guys. Caramel is simply the stallion equivalent in RGRE. Note how he described his participation in sex as a largely passive role, depending on the mare to bring him to orgasm. He also responded negatively to being objectified by Pinkie, even if it was a joke.
There is more to being the fairer sex than daintiness. Caramel has been shaped by being the one who is pursued, whose sexual needs have priority. He has chosen a hedonistic path, but he still has chosen a RGRE masculine way of doing so.



So the reversal is less about cultural practices than it is about who is considered the oominant/active one or not.

I think our boy Anon here needs some bro to bro talk.

No mares allowed.

"actually she turned out to be two small changelings on a trench coat. It was unexpected"


This story is just deliciously brilliant in every way imaginable! I can't begin to describe how immersive this feels, as well as how believable it is too! Absolutely amazing work! I hope ya didn't mind, but I just HAD to make a reading on this story of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/frDfkIOBN1M

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Ahh.... The 'junk-in-the-trunk is the definition of sexy'' Equestria's.

But if you ask me, this here ⤵ could be fitting as the base of an RGRE.

This fic points out the narrative stretching used in most RGRE displacement fics by presenting a more grounded vignette.

What if there was a fic with the same purpose, but presenting the inverse? Use the tropes common in RGRE displacement fics, but in a setting where a stallion gets displaced to the human world.

Agreed brother.

It is the Man-Emperor's will that there shall be no girls in bro only clubs, and Lord Adornable shall enforce this rule using a series of fortifications.

You might want to read it again. Anon made a joke about the sight of him being gag-inducing, he's not actually that unattractive. He's merely unattractive enough that mares tend not to flirt with him.


Well this was a nice lil bit of fluff. :twilightsmile:

This was a nice change of pace from what I usually read. Thank you

Solid read man, I love these rgre's

I really enjoyed this, and wish there as more of this kind of RGRE than the smutty kind.

Don't the two sisters that run the spa provide "Full Service," with a "Happy Ending?".


I would have to disagree. I thought this very short story fulfilled the "slice of life" role, well.
Th is is more of a story prompt and in a short time an entire world was built. This world is ready for others to pick up where it left off.

I want a sequel chapter where he hits the gym with Bulk Biceps!

This was great, actually. Sobering, and all too reminiscent of my life but also very genuine and heartfelt in places.
It sucks ass to be alone in terms of romance but having real friends around can make up the difference. Sometimes be better, actually.

I do hope this Anon catches a good mares' eye. He seems like a good guy. He deserves some loving.

As someone who's always the friend and never the fling, I can sympathize.
You don't have to be ugly to be considered unattractive to women (or mares, I guess).
It's enough to be a six with a gut and a mediocre job to become practically invisible.

Hypergamy sucks ass and hits both ways. Women hurt themselves by being so damned picky over the most shallow things.

Several years ago I was actually quite trim. Still didn't get more than casual stuff with women way below my own league because I am and have always been working class with zero connections or family wealth to lean on. So even as a trim 6 leaning on 7 I was till worthless because I wasn't wealthy. And because I refused to follow trends and fashion out of spite and principle. Few girls are into metalheads.

Worse yet if you're of above average intelligence too because you can't even be blissfully ignorant at that point.
Just gotta find a way to cope with living in the haze of bullshit and dumbassery society is built on.

Carrots are made of cantaloupes

Sweet short read. Thank you very much.

It's a little bit to grounded than usual. RGRE seems like a good place for more wild, fun and ridiculous stories.


Have some self-respect, brony, for goodness sake! :applejackunsure:

Good friends are always a balm to the soul after romance issues. A nice more grounded RGRE and one I hope to see more in the future.

This was a cute read, and it was refreshing to see Anon taking things in stride. One detail I'm curious about, how did Pinkie know to give him the "special" cupcake if she didn't know what had happened?

It's comedy. Comedy doesn't need purpose

it's a story that has comedy, as a story, i didn't finish, the comedy was ok.

Perhaps she saw the bottomless Abyss of Pain in his eyes and face?

Damn that was pretty realistic. I liked the ending saved us from sadness.

Why so many downvotes ? :applejackconfused:

Nice little story. Just a genuine slice of life that doesn't miraculous turn into a complete happy ending. Need more like this.

That's not Stacy in the picture back there, is it?

where's the comedy or the joke?

I like Flitter, but wow...

Maybe Pinkie thinks he is A loser. Poor Anon.

Because of the outcome with Flitter.

Now this uncannily-relatable now. :fluttershysad:

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