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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.


It's a hard job, but somepony has to do it. Three brave fillies step up to fight crime and capture the notorious criminal, Anonymous.
(Set before they got their cutie marks.)

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Freaking adorable.

I just contracted type two diabeetus from reading this. Good job!

This is just waaaaaay too cute for my poor heart.

Adorableness overdose.

I can't say much but a freaking dorable

We need more wholesome stories like this

A Handy Dandy Notebook, with a crayon in the spiral?:rainbowlaugh:

Winona should have been their police dog! That a the only thing that could've made this more adorable!

Perfect. Well done.

Now, that’s pretty cute. You should read a story I wrote featuring The Cutie Mark Crusaders. It’s called “Kids Day”. It’s pretty adorable too.:applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:

I can't read this fic until tomorrow, but I just bookmarked it. I couldn't resist commenting, though; every time I see a pic like the one on this fic, all I can think of is, STOP! You violated the law!

That is the correct association to have for these sorts of images.

They have such a nice friend and I bet he helps keep the CMC under control and their crusades safe.

This is just fucking precious, :heart:

Cuteness overload!

Almost violently adorable.

Now this was just heartwarmingly cute:rainbowkiss:!!!

couldn't say it better myself

Omigawd awwwwwww :heart:

I felt my pancreas die reading this.

I have the beetus now.


D'aww this title picture!

Shouldn't they be Ponicemares? Since you already used a similar term in the 'Anon the Poniceman'

Ok I was expecting something cute, but not this damn cute. One of the cutest most adorable stories I have read in a while.

It's to emphasize that this is a different universe. Also, these fillies are really serious about their job, they don't have time for silly horse puns. Also also, one time Anon argued that ponicemares can only capture criminal ponies. They couldn't refute this argument, so they changed the name of the department and job.

This is so adorable.

My eyes now have diabetes from reading this... :heart:

I was not ready for so much cuteness :twilightoops:

CMC for the win!!!:yay:

this story gives warmth and happiness.



I could imagine this happening in the actual show itself! Cute and funny, silly yet adorable - just perfect! :raritystarry:

Well done, sir! This goes to favorites! :raritywink:

"Chief Belle! There is a suspicious somepony at ten o'clock!"
You look up at the sun, gauging the time.
"But it's only 3 in the afternoon, how do you know there will be a suspicious somepony at 10?"

This is only the second paragraph and you already got me to squee...

You run around in circles, trying to look into your saddle bags, but they keep getting away!

Anon: "You almost got them. Just circle faster!"

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Certainly a cute story, but maybe you should mention this could/does take place before they discovered their cutie marks. Otherwise, it kinda fights their character development i assumed they had before reading this story.

The opening paragraph does mention that they are trying to get policing cutie marks. That should be enough of an indication. Not to mention, the cutie mark crusaders never got their cutie marks. That event has not happened, we are clearly watching an alternate timeline where otherworldly beings forgot what special talents are, and rubber-stamped the three fillies' destinies.

Are you saying that for the sake of your story or are you completely denying the fact they do in fact have cutie marks now? Besides, i meant in my earlier comment that there should be like an Alternate Universe tag or at least mentioned in the synopsis first.

I hope there someone would make an animation out of it. The CMCs in the officer uniform would look real cute.
... by the way, where did they get the uniform from? I doubt it is Rarity, because it would turn into air hostess uniform if it was up to her.

Not for the sake of the story, just expressing my opinion on that particular bit of canon. I will change the description, though.

Okay this was just silly fluff. I like it.

Ok, this is damned adorable. You made me feel feelings! Nobody makes me feel my own feelings!

Rarity & The Mile-High Club. *ponders* I'll be in my bunk.


Oh my god you're going to kill me with cuteness! Someone get a doctor!

Before reading: Hey, I saw that pic on Derpibooru once.


Too late, the doctor's ded too. Ack! Dawwwabities claims another! *thud*

So wholesome. And adorable.

I've been on this site for nearly a decade & this is one of the most freaking adorable things I've read here in that entire time. Have a fave!

HNNNGH!!!! The CMC are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to give them cuddles

Good to see Anon finally getting what he deserves!

Love the Berenstein Bears plug at the end. N O S T A L G I A intensifies.

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