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The very much unauthorized re-write of Jonny Bench's story called The Crippling Secret. I thought it would be fun to re-write it, but Jonny himself hasn't been on since half a year ago, so- :unsuresweetie:

I did some reverse-image-searching, and I think the cover image comes from sjui00. Hopefully they don't mind my use.

Story was released 10/22/22, but I really, really rushed writing it. Usually, my stories take about five drafts before I'm happy with it. This one, I only did two then published it. On 10/24/22, I re-edited the story to flow better.

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very nice! I remember reading the original back then. Real pity it was never finished. So many graet stories lost

Comment posted by Starlightling deleted Oct 23rd, 2022

I like it .very good:pinkiehappy:

I love this story. It's great.

The ending was pretty funny. :rainbowlaugh:

Rainbow Dash WOULD brag about how awesome Scootaloo is in general, so this checks out! She's like the ultimate hype-girl.

EDIT: I just realized: Scootaloo is in the Canterlot Movie Club.

She has a robot-leg.

Sweet Celestia, she's the Scootinator! "Terminator theme intensifies"

Oh yes. Because re-writing someone else's story without their permission is so mature. Especially since the original was never finished.

Cxcd #9 · Oct 23rd, 2022 · · ·

Yup. Last online, July. Can’t really ask them.

“Oh, a little while ago.” She tried to appear nonschelaunt as she shrugged, even if her heart threatened to burst out of her chest. “I forgot to mention it, you know.”


Then why write it at all? Not fair to the other user.

Shit. I’ll fix it in a minute.

“Nothing!” Scootaloo beamed. “Nothing is wrong! Nothing happened July 25 th , 2006.”

i gotta fix that weird formatting issue, i guess. Also, some people might get confused, Equestria Girls released in 2013. In the story, I made Scootaloo 15 years old. Seven years prior to that, she had her accident, which would've been 2006. Hopefully nobody thinks too hard about that.

I originally had my birth year on this comment, but decided to change it.

Cxcd #16 · Oct 23rd, 2022 · · 1 ·

...oh, well alright then. pro tip, don't give out your age on the internet.

To be fair I think as long as they acknowledge it and give credit to them for the original, things should be fine, like how we all write fanfics about another show.

Also, this rewrite is nice, like it.:twilightsmile:

bro they checked out dog this isnt twitter

“Nothing!” Scootaloo beamed. “Nothing is wrong! Nothing happened July 25th, 2006.”

Huh. By that timeline, I’m younger than her. Not sure how to feel about that…

That's an... interesting take, given that the entirety of this site is based on writing stories using someone else's IP without their permission.

I wish more people rewrote or made reworks of stories. Some of the best fanfics are stories that build off of previously existing ones. Hell, we have at least a hundred Friendship is Optimal fics and a few hundred Humans are Superior fics that all branched off from absolutely nothing.

I wasn't sure what to expect coming into this story. I thought I was delving into a crackfic sort of thing. Much to my relief it wasn't that.

Isseus #23 · Oct 23rd, 2022 · · 20 ·

Do you speak for the original author, SJW? If not, then shush. I'm tryinna read.

Applebloom was now half-way towards her. She was going to treat her like a baby. She would have to move away. Her sister wouldn’t want to move. Maybe she should run away instead. To a new state. Like Ohio. Actually- not Ohio. Not only was it far away, but- c’mon. You can choose any state, and you chose Ohio? Colorado is obviously the best choice.

Go ahead, come join us in Ohio 😁

If that is 'Loyalty' I wonder how bad could be with a enemy

I absolutely adored this! I would actually love to see more! :pinkiehappy:
One quick note, and I hope this doesn't sound rude: you spelled 'college' as 'collage' a couple times in the interaction with Cherilee. Just thought I'd let ya know.

Is this also your argument against all the Anon-a-Miss fixfics? Because as others have said, this entire site is inherently guilty of that if it's anything to warrant guilt. Therefore it isn't.

Well that was adorable.

This was a good story. I loved the amputee scoots.

Scoots... you can't just tell the biggest loud mouth in all of the school that you have a prosthetic limb. EVERYONE is going to know about it in minutes.

Ah yes. It really was a fun read of something that started as something serious, and gradually became a floof.

Thanks you for this story :twilightsmile:

Oh my God i love this

Bit of an apples to oranges comparison, isn't it? The site rules explicitly state:

  • (Under 'Don't post') “Rewrites” of an old story posted as a new story, unless the changes are substantial. If you are not rewriting your story from the ground up, please just edit your changes into the original story.

And the description of the story markets it as

The very much unauthorized re-write

So it's not that surprising people will take notice, if only from the knee-jerk reaction or wondering if someone slipped up in the approval. Doubly so when, at a first glance, the word count between the original and this one is pretty close. Fixfics, on the other hand, fall under the substantial changes. The changes being the 'fixing,' obviously. One can only assume this story isn't so much a rewrite as it is treading old ground, otherwise the admins wouldn't have allowed it. But yeah, the comparison between a self-admitted rewrite, when rewrites have their own line in the rules, and a host of fixfics that are separate stories taking the same origin, doesn't hold water, I don't think.

“No. I’m not gay.” She half-lied.

she is going to have to have ANOTHER talk now later


Holy shit it’s you! I loved your story ‘out of the cold.’ It’s really good!

I'm glad you like the story, but at the moment I can't finish writing it I'm messed with some renovations at home

You got collage in place of college various times…

Ok, love that bit at the end. Start serious, but the ending is a riot. :rainbowlaugh: Definitely Rainbow Dash approve.

Though, frankly I am a bit surprised that Rainbow didn't thought about pranking the entire school or something with that, like Scoot just did to RD. Its kinda up her alley and all.

Though she probably should ask for permission first from scoots guardian and Principal Celestia.

the first stories were told around campfires. while new stories were always appreciated, creating something unique was always a secondary goal. the main goal was to entertain. to tell a good story and tell it well. storytellers would often tell their own stories, but just as often they would tell the stories of others. stories they loved and remembered from their childhoods. they would put their own twists and changes on it, and no two tellings would be identical, but at their cores, the stories remained the same. historically speaking, storytelling has been an art that is equal parts creative and performative. in the modern era, however, the performative half is slowly dying. digital media preserves past performances forever, and copyright law actively forbids unlicensed reenactments. fanfiction is one of the last true bastions of this dying art, foundational as it is to the concept of storytelling as we know it, and you would have it be driven out of here as well. get real, you fucking dope.

That’s… actually a really good idea. I might actually change the ending to that. Thanks man.

Pretty good fic. However, I wouldn't say that this is a rewrite, as for one thing, this, while it takes a few cues from that story, is clearly your own take on the concept, and as I'm sure you've seen, that's gonna ruffle a few feathers. I would say that this is more inspired by the other fic. For example, the other fic has multiple chapters and is incomplete. You, on the other hand, were able to knock this story out in one chapter.

Know the difference. It might just keep ya not banned.

“So.” Rainbow said, finally. “Are you gay?”

Why do I feel like Pinkie or Rarity had something to do with this?

Communication really is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Yea this is good

Ah… the cliché of friend stalking. I found the story predictable to an extreme level. Good thing it isn’t a drama…

Well… gee, thanks?

It's really more inspired by it rather than an actual rewrite.

Yeah, that's about how I'd imagine Rainbow would react to finding Scootaloo has a prosthetic leg.

"Can we add colored LEDs to it?"

Republic of Gamers prosthetic! Lets gooo!

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