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Princess Celestia sang a song, now there's a voice telling her she's going to become immortal?

Now with a Chinese Translation!

This is a TwiDash story. Actually, the first story I've had any sort of shipping involved. I tried before with an earlier story, but writing those mushy-wushy scenes made me feel dirty. So I avoided it. Until now. I bit my lip and forced myself to write this, and I actually felt emotional writing this story. Does that mean I did a good job, or that it's currently four in the morning and I should really get some sleep? Dunno. You can be the judge, however.

I chose TwiDash because I think it's the best ship. Fight me.

Also, I don't hate Alicorn Twilight. I think it's cool. I just had an idea for a story that I thought, if done right, could be pretty emotional. I'm not against Alicorn Twilight.

Partly inspired by I’m not small, I’m aerodynamic! just because I absolutely adore the idea that Rainbow is super short. I’m going to add that to every story involving Rainbow from here on out.

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No yeah, even without the added layer of TwiDash, immortality is a huge deal. Reading about how she answered that question... it was very lovely. To grow old with the ones you love.

But way to spin it tho! Rainbow Dash is the loyalty embodiment, so the TwiDash was the perfect way to turn it around in a form of symbolism in that. Great story.

While I'm always happy to read a new TwiDash, I have to say... this was beautiful. There are so many stories about the implications of immortality on this site, and yet this still felt unique. And like the comment below said, while in a lot of shipping stories the plot ends up being superfluous, this actually needed to be a TwiDash in order to work. Oh, and not only did the ending avoid one of my pet peeves about the series finale, but it was also funny as heck.

Have a Derpy:derpytongue2:

very bad

Well… can’t win them all.

:moustache: After they exploded you
:ajsleepy: We had Spike set fire to the crime scene
:duck: and dug you a shallow grave in Fluttershys reserve
:fluttercry: But now you're back we have a problem
:pinkiesmile: You are a direct witness to attempted homicide and capital arson
:rainbowhuh: So we have to rub you out, Call your marker, Make you sleep with the fishes,
:facehoof: I felt better as a smoking smudge on the floor
:rainbowlaugh: That's the Twi I know!
:trollestia: What's Twilights library doing on my face?

Up on a cloud, a couple of hundred feet in the air, a certain princess sat on a cloud. Initially, she was going to wait for the right moment to intervene and give yet another speech about how great Twilight was, and how far she’d come.

:trollestia::trollestia: :facehoof::facehoof::rainbowhuh:


Man... the first ending got me good...

I'm almost a bit disappointing in the "alternate" ending at the end. It kind of robbed me of the effect of the first.
But it was hard-hitting while it lasted, good job.

I can probably change it to the authors note like I did with Lunas ending. I’ll do it when I get home later tonight.

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