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After breaking her wing and being grounded for a couple days, Rainbow Dash gradually finds she's a lot smaller than she realized.

My tags: Heartwarming

Inspired by this wonderful artwork:
Colored Source
Non-Colored Source

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Why did you link to both a Colored Source and a Non-Colored Source?

8019390 Because Dilarus made the original and Viwrastupr made the colored version. It doesn't hurt to give 'em both credit.

Dammit. You're using Dilarus against me. Now I have to read the story one way or another. That's cheating!

...somehow. :unsuresweetie:

8019412 It really is lol.

It's ridiculous how much other people's artwork inspires me to write these silly one shots. This is the second time I've used Dilarus' work :twilightsheepish: (and first time viwrastupr's coloring)

Honestly......the story mixed with the cover art.....

Rainbow Dash is actually kinda adorable

Yeah, this is definitely adorable.

Considering the source and chart, perhaps it would be better if Dash did not compare herself to the tallest of the six.

there should be more to this, it's very good

8019518 Thanks. As usual, that seems to be the theme with most of my submissions. I had that in mind while writing and editing it and added a fair amount in the process, but with such a simple concept its hard to keep it interesting. Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

8019527 You could have Dash interact with the rest of the mane six, with her coming to terms about her shortness.

Short, simple, but cute nonetheless.

Is Rainbow Dash the shortest in the show as well? Because I've been seeing a lot of pictures of her being the smallest in the group lately.

8019548 No idea, but the cover art stemmed from this piece of artwork. Which says "my" style in the description. So I think it's just headcannon.

Thanks for reading! :heart:

8019548 Pretty much all the character models for the mane six used in the series are about the same size, although Twilight's model has gotten taller since her ascension. However, not all people are the same height, so people have been creating varying heights for the characters based on other factors. For example, Fluttershy has been made the tallest both because she's been a model, and people find it amusing to think that the shyest character would have the hardest time hiding.

In the case of Rainbow Dash, she's an athlete built for speed, which means she could easily be short and light, but she also tends to have a very big and loud personality and attitude, which often is shown as something a shorter person has. Whether or not this is true and accurate is essentially up to individual headcanons.

8019622 Nice detailed thoughts, and I wholeheartedly accept them as headcannon.

I'm so jealous of how calmingly pleasant and adorable your stories are. It makes me want to scoop up Dash and cuddle her.

8019692 I really appreciate that :twilightsmile:

8019701 I try to let authors know how much I love their work. It helps them know their work is appreciated, and motivates them to write more lovely stories for the readers. :pinkiehappy:


she's an athlete built for speed, which means she could easily be short and light

This is a made up trope for fantasy and video games. In truth top athletes known for speed are usually at or above average height, and heavier than most people at that height because of extra muscle.

8019756 True, but as you pointed out, it's a trope based off of fantasy and expectations, reinforced by popular media. Similarly, a character who does a lot of physical labor would be on the thicker side, yet human Applejack is often portrayed as having extremely toned muscles, including "washboard abs," looking less like someone who spent their lives performing physical labor and more like a professional body builder. It's not accurate to reality, but it's an expectation that exist in the popular culture due to exposure to such in media.

The idea of Dash being the smallest of the main six is one I've seen before. Tallest is usually Flutters, AJ being Biggest over all, Pinkie and rarity being about medium size, Unicorn Twi being just bigger than Dash, Alicorn Twi come just behind AJ in overall size(Always have the image that she hit her head a lot and knocked things over her first few post alicorn days) and Flutters in height, "future" Alicorn Twi being largest and tallest of the mains but the smallest Alicorn, Luna eventually eclipsing Cadance and Celestia keeping the title of Biggest Pony.

I really liked this.Rainbow dash is pretty cute once you think about it.:rainbowkiss:

Okay, fun-sized Rainbow Dash is absolutely freaking adorable. Thank you so much for this bit of fluff!

This story is small and cute, just like Rainbow Dash. :rainbowderp:

Awesome story, good work. :heart:

Evidence shows alicorn Twilight is the tallest of them.

Best Pony being small for a pony... when the fact that ponies are tiny is part of what makes them adorable... Yup, this idea is one of the best ever.

8019756 I'm not sure if that's entirely true. Jockeys are short. In addition, the best Olympic weight lifters are usually pretty short (they can packmore muscle into less volume).

8020666 Always thought Two would start out not the tallest, but will keep growing frist being in the middle, then passing AJ and Futtershy in height but never getting tall than Cadance. In the show Twilight's model is taller as an alicorn than everyone else they didn't just paste wings on her, of course everyone else is pretty much the same height since they use the base body.

8019533 That is a terrible idea! It would be far too repetitive and some whiner would complain and [SN]itch about it. It has to be a significantly different perspective to fend off the whiners... personally I like seeing all the more subtle nuances but it's just asking for trouble from the Judgy McJudgersons.


but with such a simple concept its hard to keep it interesting.

Scootaloo. How would Rainbow Dash handle realizing her number one fan, a foal mind you, is as big as she is? What about Scootaloo's reaction? How will she handle learning that the best flier in Equestria is no bigger than her and yet she can still barely get off the ground? Or does she already know?
While it is fairly simple a full 180° perspective shift makes even the simplest of concepts fresh.

"No, it's fine" Dash replied

Missing a comma.

8020798 Fixed :twilightsmile:

Also, I swear...waking up to a bajillion replies and notifications is the best part of writing things on this site :twilightsmile:

Adorbs, that is all

At first I thought you'd used the wrong form of "than" in your description, but then I realized I'm just used to seeing the wrong form because most people on social media are illiterate. I hate people now.

8020886 Nice haha. People are the worst :raritywink:

Aww. Yeah, that's a cute one :rainbowkiss:

8020897 Thanks :heart:

Your profile pic looks like Luna is reading your comments in shock.

Only just now?

8020900 It's meant to do that :trollestia: I think I'm going to read through some more of your stories, about time I found some good light-hearted ones on here :twilightsmile:

8020985 Thanks, that's the style I tend to stick to, so I hope you enjoy my other ones too :twilightsmile:

so rainbow dash is filly sized?


I took it as she's just small for an adult. Filly sized is still smaller. Exaggerations in the writing were used to convey her smallness though.

Absolutely adorable.

8021120 Much appreciated :heart:

Oh my goodness, this story and its imagery is adorable.:yay: Thank you.:rainbowdetermined2:

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