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Princess Celestia sends an oddly simple message to Twilight and Spike. The contents: "What are you wearing?" Complications and chaos ensue.
Inspired by this artwork.

Audio Reading by Lead Bread

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A simple story, but still nice. I do think it's a bit lacking when Celestia's reply is left out, but it was still a decently enjoyable read.

7915273 I debated doing that but felt like it was almost better without it. Leaves it up to the imagination in a way. I also found it to be very out of character for Celestia :twilightoops: (that was the main reason I think)

Glad you still enjoyed it!

Funny story

A similar case happened to me with autocorrect and a delayed response

All up a good fic

Not a bad fic. A little bit confused on some parts, but not enough for me to be distracted. Good job! :twilightsmile:

7915282 Thanks for telling me that. I was worried it wouldn't click for everyone but I didn't want to spell it out too much either. Glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Of course, if Twilight had simply answered the original query, the factual response would have been: "Absolutely nothing!" :pinkiehappy:

7915288 And this fic would have gone in a completely different direction...

7915289 Which would have been a funny misunderstanding, too: "I was just answering her question, Spike! I didn't think it would turn into an evening of sexting with a living Goddess!" :twilightoops:

7915295 So many possibilities.

With so little words, you've managed to make me laugh. This was so funny, I was amazed at it's awesomeness! I wasn't originally planning on reading it now, but I did. And I have no regrets whatsoever! This got me seriously wondering about the reply... What was it? :rainbowlaugh: I'll forever wonder what it was. Congrats though, you just wrote a super awesome story! :twilightsmile: I just loved it. So simple, such awesome!

So very typical Twilight!:rainbowlaugh:

It was nice to see Celestia portrayed at both ends of her emotions, which you did very well, I might add! Good story!

7915378 Thanks, I appreciate that remark. I usually try to go for heartwarming or a little meaningful in all my stories if possible (even the mainly funny or mainly sad ones). Glad you enjoyed!

You turned a sad-ish comic into a funny story. That takes talent. Have an upvote.

I'm guessing Celestia's second letter said something along the lines of "go fuck yourself".

Well... That's one way to call off a relationship. Going to have to remember that in the future.

Well, the next meeting between them will be so awkward...
But for now I'm busy imagine what Celestia's reply was.

Also: This story is currently in the Feature Box, in case someone cares.

I fell out of my chair toward the end there. My gut hurts, my head hurts, I bet my floor hurts too and my face is wet with the tears of my laughter. I'm not going to lie by any stretch here, I would like to read more of this story. :rainbowlaugh:

I have absolutely no idea what is going on. :derpytongue2:


STAHP!! IT HURTS!!!!!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

7915726 Yes.

But with more detail and colorfulness :twilightsmile:

When you get both latency and ping, and a mistake goes south real quick :trollestia:

I actually thought Celestia's message had... saucy intentions before I read this. Nice story :twilightsmile:

7916353 Somebody else can write that one :twilightsheepish:


"Dear Twilight,

What are you wearing?"

"Dear Princess Celestia,

Um... nothing?"

"Dear Twilight,

Perfect. I'll be there soon."

What did celestia say?

How does that constitute as "hate mail"

That was a nice little story to read. I'm not sure how Celestia would reply to Twilight's apology, but I think this is what she would say:

"Dear Twilight Sparkle,
I accept your apology, Twilight. Regarding the question I asked to you earlier today, you won't need to reply to it anymore. Instead, I will come over to your castle for a short visit in order to find out what you are wearing right now. I hope to see you soon. :heart:

Princess Celestia"

Oh, and I managed to get a screenshot of your story being on top of the featured list.


7917302 Thanks I noticed earlier though :twilightsmile:

But it warms my heart that you people care enough to screenshot that kind of stuff for me. :heart:

I wish I could write a gem this brief-but-brilliant. :rainbowlaugh:

Some suggestions:

Celestia awaited with the patience of yak.

a yak.

It had been awhile since Discord had meddled with the mail, but she wondered if perhaps he was getting bored again.

a while
(awhile=for a while)

Celestia was acting severely out of her usual character, but there were few other ponies than Luna who she would ever allow to see her this way.

I think it should be "whom". Not 100% sure though.

Hmm hmm hmm angry Celestia writing?

I wrote an angry Twilight writing.... But it's not as good as this hehehehehehehehehehe

Yeah Ok I just reread that and it made no sense so I'm just gonna.... Go now?

Not sure if I should laugh or 'wat'

This is a riot!

7919447 Sorry, pitchforks are not provided. :twilightsmile:

7919769 Ermagerd, thus was so funny! Will there be a sequel?

7919941 Probably not?

I'm not the best choice of writer for a more "saucy" interpretation of this story, although that sounds pretty funny. There's not really anywhere my story in particular can go.

LOL I love these kinds of stories! Simple and yet brilliant! Kudos to you :D

Pretty much describes my day today. A good laugh. You get a thumbs up.

Btw, you spelled "no one" as "noone". You may want to fix it.

Now what did Celestia write that made Twilight faint, hmmm?:trixieshiftright:

I'm no longer disappointed in humanity. It's like my mom told me, 'Life is all one big meme'.

Now this is my idea for a story that actually should be featured. Great work!! ^3^3^3^

7923924 Thanks, I appreciate that :twilightsmile:

This was a well done short story

Lead Bread did a reading of this story:

This was short and fun. I'd very much like to see it continue.

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