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I try to write stories, even if it is pretty evident that I CAN'T. I also don't write often, so there is pretty much NOTHING on my page. Why don't you recommend a story for me to read instead?


Recommendations · 12:54pm Aug 14th, 2015

Any rated E stories anyone (pony) reccommends?

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Well, firstly, you're welcome! :pinkiehappy:

Second of all, I'll give it a read. I'm okay with T Rated stories, too.

I put the story in my to read list. It looks pretty interesting.

Thank ye for liking! :D Also, might I recommend that you read Austraeoh?

Nevermind, it isn't 'E' rated. :P

Story Approver

Thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile:


Of course! No problem. :)

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