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Pinkie Pie is looking for a special party decoration for a special party and she asks for Rainbow Dash's help. With limited time on their hooves, will they be able to make it before it's too late?

Story takes place in Season 2

A gift for TheLegendaryBillCipher. Definitely make sure to check them out!

Minimal editing was done with the help of The Red Parade.

Cover art by me.

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Really cute story with some fantastic character moments. I really loved everything you did here and it felt so happy and fluffy and natural, great work Rice! <3

you love to see it :raritywink:

Cute read, with some wonderful friendship interactions!

If you're looking for feedback, I think there could've been some more hints throughout the story of the romantic feelings between Pinkie and Dash. It would have made the kiss a bit more rewarding from a reader's standpoint.

Overall though, I really enjoyed the story, especially the images at the end, of the confetti in the sunset.

This is so beautiful ::twilightsmile:

I'm sorry I wasn't able to tell you this before, but I really liked this story. It was cute, fluffy, and you captured the characters really well. This was a great story, thank you. And congratulations on your first standalone published story. :pinkiesmile:

"I’ve known you for so long. I really wanted to make sure that today was a day you wouldn’t forget, cause with a friend like you…” She paused, a hint of pink staining her cheeks.

“Every day is unforgettable.”

THIS! OMG THIS!!! Man, I could only wish that someone could feel this way about me. I teared up at that, and the frosting on the cheek and Rainbow kissing it away? Then saying that she wants everyday to be like this? I'm gonna cry, dude. This was so cute.

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