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Okay so, Poll time again. · 3:00am Feb 23rd, 2016

I'm sitting on a number of things now, thanks to the S5 finale kicking me into gear. That said, I've got nothing in a finished state just yet. I feel like I should post something new though, if just so I don't wind up going into another drought.

These are just placeholder names, but they are-

Luna's Rebel Phase: Connected with The Talk, in which Sunset recalls the day Vice-Principal Luna returned to Canterlot High.

AJ and the Crystal War: AJ turned back a split second to ask Twilight questions, and got an exploding map table to the face. Now she's seeing things...

Human Sunset's adventures in Equestria: In which a distraught human girl takes a long fall, and wakes up in the care of ponies...

That one story which hasn't been finished yet: You goddamned jar of molasses just post the next chapter already.

So yeah. Leave your votes in the following link, please.


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Your stories are amazing! I wish you luck in your push away from writers block! I know the stories will all be great

Hey, you still in good health?
Been dying to read more of your work.

Hi! I just posted a review of On a Cross and Arrow. Click here if you want to check it out.


*uncocks gun* Whew, glad I didn't have to do that. But seriously, On a Cross And Arrow will probably go down in fanfic history as one of the classics.

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