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So, it's been 7 months... · 5:27am Aug 5th, 2013

I'm gonna be honest and say that I've been keeping my distance from the fandom for much of this year. Not that it was intentional; much of my time has been spent working, with only one day of the week to myself. Another reason why my Fic is on a low priority is because I've all but lost the motivation of continuing it. My last chapter was obviously rushed and was practically written in one sitting. Ever since that day, I've regretted how half-assed my efforts were and have kept me wondering on

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You're concerns about 40k might be lifted soon. Yesterday I saw a Dawn of War III commercial on YouTube. It was awesome. It had Imperial Knights. It had Wraithlords.

806029 In due time. This chapter's plot has been ramming into a wall becuase of a mistake I made in the last chapter, so my plan is to rewrite it, add on to it, and point the story in a direction I can work with.

Revisiting my previous chapters makes me want to rewrite those as well so this feeling of regret is lifted. I'm hellbent on getting this done a few days after season 4 begins .

661481 yeah, I understand.
gotta plan thing out, think things through, the works.
Welp, I've waited this long, I can wait a while longer.:eeyup:

657046 Yeah, the reason why I logged back on after 7 months is because I'm getting back into the fandom.

As for progress on the new chapter, progress is being done. After the last addition, I started to sense an impending clusterfuck if I continued winging it. The most frustrating part is that I'm not sure how I want it to end anymore. I almost have this chapter planned out, but as for how I want the story to end, that is still up in the air.

I might have more to say after I finish this chapter. Not going to give a date this time because everytime I give myself one, perils of the warp happens.

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